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Hospital Concerns

Hi ladies!

I am 11 weeks pregnant with twins and I just found out that the hospital that I am supposed to deliver at does not have a NICU for babies born before 31 weeks, so basically if I go into labor before 31 weeks, they will either send me to a different hospital (where my OB may not be able to deliver) or they will have me deliver there but transport the babies to a different hospital (which has a great NICU from what I have heard but is in a really sketchy area).

I absolutely love my OB and don't necessarily want to change doctors just on the off chance that I will go into labor early and need to deliver at a different hospital but with twins it is always a possibility. 

What would you do? Thoughts? 
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Re: Hospital Concerns

  • What kind of twins are you having? I'm having modi but if I was didi I might be willing to stay at a hospital that couldn't accommodate really early babies.  My hospital is in a sketch area, but it's not like I hang out outside.  They're the best hospital in the area for what my babies might need so that trumps other stuff for me.  It's where I had my son as well, because the medical care is excellent and that's where my ob delivers anyway. 
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  • Are there some health concerns that lead our to believe you'll have your twins that early?
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  • If you aren't a scheduled csection- what are the odds of your OB delivering? After hours/weekends with my OB group you got whoever was on call.
    it would be important to me to be in the same hospital as my babies. 

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  • Our twins are Di-Di. There are no health concerns yet, however I am only 11 weeks. My cousin had twin and she went into labor (unexplained) at 25 weeks, so that is always in the back of my head. My OB is a family friend, so he said unless something crazy happens, he wont be putting me in the call group and he will deliver me. I know there is such a small chance I would go into labor early, just wanted to get some outside opinions. 
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  • Is it missing a level 3 or 4?  I would make sure at a minimum there is a level 3 NICU no matter what, but in the less likely chances you need a level 4 NICU they should be able to transport babies.  I have had several friends deliver before 30 weeks and only needed a level 3 NICU.

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  • I would personally have them in the hospital where they provide a great NICU. Not to scare you but if you do  deliver early, its such an emotional roller coaster. You would want to be in the same hospital with them. 

    I delivered my identical boys @ 33wks5 days but my water had broke @ 30 weeks 1day & i was on bed rest in the hospital for almost a month. 
    After i had them they took me back to stop my bleeding, they set my boys up in the incubator & then let me see them. Its not easy being a preemie mom. & youre gonna wanna be there. Throughout my pregnancy i had 7 different doctors & in the end the 6th one i had was the one who delivered my boys. I had only seen her once before, but she did the deed.

    But i pray your twins wont be born too early & you make it all the way! Its not something i wish an any parent. Good luck!
  • I had didi twins at 38+4, my hospital was fantastic but there was no NICU. If needed they airlift to Mayo in Rochester MN. I had no health concerns and carried my singleton to 40+5 (and had to be induced). 
    You're so early and since your OB is a family friend I'd assume he would let you know if he was concerned. If he's not worried, don't you worry. 
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