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Poll: How many Nathans do you personally know?

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DH and I have only 1 name we've agreed on so far for DS 2 (due in Sept): Nathan. It's not set in stone yet, but we wanted something that was easy to pronounce and recognize, but not super common.  I didn't know any kids named Nathan... Until about a week ago.  Now they're popping up everywhere!  I heard it on tv, saw 2 at the peds clinic where I work, a Facebook friend just named their newborn, and a lady from church is planning to name their baby (due in January) Nathan.  It's making me flip out.  I don't want our baby to have the same name as 10 other kids in his class.  Am I being irrational, or has there been a sudden upsurge in the name?  How many Nathans do you PERSONALLY know?

Poll: How many Nathans do you personally know? 130 votes

11% 15 votes
58% 76 votes
25% 33 votes
5 or more
4% 6 votes

Re: Poll: How many Nathans do you personally know?

  • Fwiw anytime we have picked a name for the next month or so I would always hear it. My kids have names that tank above 1000, above 500 and then just below 100. In reality IRL everyday we don't know anyone with their names.

    Nathan is great!

  • I know 2 but they're in their 30s. I love the name. It was almost the name of our son. :)

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  • Hey, I named my son Nathan.  Good choice.  I personally only know 2 Nathans other than my son.  I'll bet the name seems to be popping up more now just because you have the name "Nathan" on the mind.  I don't really think the name is "trending" at the moment, though.

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  • I'm sure it's the same as when you choose a new car and suddenly see that model all over the place. I only know 2, both in the late 20s-early 30s age range. Stick with it!
  • Numbers! 

    As you see, Nathan and Nathaniel are actually trending down. You as an individual feel like you're hearing it everywhere is known as the Baader-Meinhoff phenomenon.  
  • I love Nathan, but it is BIL's name, so we can't use it. I know three Nathans, but they are all in their 30s. I don't know any children named Nathan.

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  • I only know 3 or 4 and I've taught elem school for 10 years. Any time you pick a name you will suddenly start seeing it everywhere. Just how it goes. :-/
  • I clicked 3-4 but they are all adults over 30 years old. And most of them are Nathaniel. I actually love the name and only reason I couldn't use it was because 2 of those 4 that I know were ex's hahahah.
  • I know 2 but they are both in their 20s. It's a great name! Use it!
    My furchildren, Dorothy and Johnny :)
  • 2.  An adult male close to 40, and a teenager.
  • I think Nathan is a great name! 

    Have you ever heard of Baader-Meinhoff phenomenon? It's when you get, or hear about, or see something and then it keeps popping up after that. It happens to me when I get a new car. Suddenly I see that car everywhere! It's just a greater awareness of it that makes it seem that way though. 
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  • I absolutely love the name Nathan! I know 3, but they're all in their 20s. 
  • I think it's pretty common for it to suddenly pop up, I know more Nathaniels than Nathan's. 

    Right after my oldest was born there was a law & order marathon where every criminal had my son's name. 
  • I know one baby named Nathan, but he was named after his dad. I only know 2 adults named Nathan. And just because a name looks popular based on numbers doesn't mean it's going to be popular in your area; some names are very regional. If you love it, I say go for it. It's a good, solid name. :)
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    All Nathans I know are late 20s, early 30s. Would it be Nathaniel nn Nathan? I really like it!
  • I've taught first grade for 11 years and I've only taught 1 Nathan. 
  • Just one and he's in his 20s.
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  • Nathan is my brothers name and he is in his early 20's. He was named after a friend who is in his 40's. I have been a teacher for 10 years and have only had one student named Nathan. If our last baby had been a boy we were going to use it in the mn spot. I like it and don't see it trending right now. 
  • Thanks for all the reassurances!  I think we're going to go for it.  It won't be Nathaniel, just simply Nathan, because our last name is an ethnic 4-syllable mouthful.  I don't want him to take an hour to tell everyone his name!  ;-)
  • The only Nathans I know are older kids or adults. I had the exact same thing happen when we chose a name (ranked in the 400s) and I heard it popping up all over. Your brain is probably really attuned to the word right now. I'd consider Nathan a well known but not a common name. 
  • Eko14Eko14
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    My son is a Nathan. I know two adult Nathan's over the age of 30. There are 3 grade one classes at my son's school and he is the only Nathan.
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  • My son is nathan. He is 4.5 and we have not run into another nathan at school or even on the playground. :) we love the name. 
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