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The biting babies

The 30 week old twins have teeth and are using them on me. I'm still BF but cringe when the latch now because they bite down. They won't go to sleep without a boob... anyone else? 

Re: The biting babies

  • I had a lot of issues as DD's first teeth were coming in, she'd clamp down and mash her gums on my nipples. Then her bottom two teeth came in and I had a lot of issues with scraping and a couple times biting. Everytime, I don't say anything if I can help it and just unlatch and wait a moment before I let her latch again. It seems to mostly get the point across.

    If she does it again the session is done and I won't try again for 30 mins to an hour. After a month of that I really haven't had much issue lately. She seems much more aware of her teeth and what with happen if she bites.

    She bit me once recently when she was having an overtired meltdown and got frustrated, I now try harder not to let that happen and try to make sure she's calm and relaxed when she latches.
  • That makes sense.
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