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Can't resist.. twin names too matchy?

I know I shouldn't even be thinking about this until we find out the sexes, but I can't help thinking about possible combos. We had already picked our boy and girl name, but now that it's twins and we may have one of each, I'm afraid they are too matchy.

Arlo James and Ava Marie

What do you think? Also for fun, here is our (my) list of other contenders, if anyone feels like making any suggestions for combos. Could be boy/boy, girl/boy, or girl/girl. The above middle names are set, but if we have the same sex, other possibilities are Joseph and Robert for a boy, and maybe Pat for a girl.



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Re: Can't resist.. twin names too matchy?

  • Generally speaking, I don't care for using the same starting  initial in a sibset, and I care for it less for twins. 

    That said,  I don't think Arlo and Ava are too matchy beyond being two syllable names that start with an a. 

    My favorite name combo of your expanded list is Adrian James and Rhea Marie.
  • I don't think it is too matchy! We are pregnant with twin girls and their names both start with a C. :)
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  • Congratulations! I don't think Arlo and Ava are similar at all. If those are the two you love, go for it! 

    I love so many of the names on your boy list!!! I have an Isaac and if we have another boy, he will be Micah. Should we have twin boys, they would be Micah and Levi or Micah and Eli. (We're on the long 'I' train if you couldn't tell! :)
  • I wouldn't choose twin names that begin with the same letter. Too matchy to me. I also wouldn't choose two names that end in the same letter/sound. My favorites from your list are Tessa and Sadie or Nora and Sadie and Micah with Connor or Levi.
  • I probably wouldn't use Arlo & Ava together but it's not *too* matchy.

    I like Arlo. Ava is nice but I'm just not a huge fan. 

    Arlo James & Olivia Marie

    Arlo James & Ezra Joseph

    Ava Marie & Paige (not with Pat though) 

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  • I love Arlo and the double A names don't bother me at all! Other Suggestions:

    Arlo James and Owen Robert
    Arlo James and Levi Joseph
    Arlo James and Tessa Marie
    Maxwell James and Anna Marie
    Ava Marie and Tessa Noelle 

    I might be the odd one out but I feel like some of the boy names on the longer list don't really have the same feel as Arlo does (even though they're vintage names)

    if it's boy/boy a few other suggestions:
    Arlo and Oscar
    Arlo and Jasper
    Arlo and Elias
    Arlo and Emmett
    Arlo and Miles
    Arlo and Oliver
    Arlo and Linus

  • I don't think they are too over the top matchy, but it might be better to break them up.

    As a Catholic, Ava Marie has a strong religious connotation due to the song Ave Maria. Just something to keep in mind if you are not religious.

    I like Arlo & Isaac or Arlo & Ezra, both with Joseph as the MN. I like Ava & Tessa or Ava & Erin Patricia
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  • i have twins and would and could not do the matchy thing.

    love  tessa and noelle owen and issac

  • I have ID twins and I'm so thankful I gave them non matching names even though it was slightly tempting while I was pregnant. It's hard enough for twins to forge their own identities, why give them an additional hurdle to overcome? A matching initial in B/G twins isn't terrible, but same sex twins with same initial/similar/rhyming names sounds pretty silly. There is a set of ID twin girls in my kids' school with very similar names. There has been a lot of eye rolling among teachers and parents, and the kids call them "hey twins", I feel so bad for them.


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  • Thank you everyone! I definitely would not give them rhyming names or anything extreme. It just stinks that our top name choices happened to start with the same letter. Obviously a non-issue until you end up having B/G twins, haha. You've all given me some things to think about, now I'll just have to wait and see what sexes we end up with and go from there.

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    Married: July 2015
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  • I totally understand your issue! Expecting boy twins and just can't decide if I'm okay with them starting with the same initial or not...Arlo and Ava are a little matchy for me, but not bad.
  • I think Arlo and Ava sound great together! If those are your favorite names, I say go for it!
  • I don't think Arlo and Ava are too matchy. I love Arlo but FI has vetoed it for us. :(
  • My friend had twins last year and named them Clara and Ezra. They are the cutest little babies!!
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  • I think Arlo & Ava sound great together!
  • I really like Clara and Adrian for b/g twins.  Coordinated but not matchy.

    For two girls, I like Anna and Tessa.  (I like Clara, but I felt it was either too matchy or not coordinated enough with the other girl names.)

    For two boys, I like Ezra and Micah or Adrian with either of them.
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  • Like several others, I find it cheesy when twins have names that start with the same letter. As a PP said, it's already harder for them to carve out their own identities and somehow the alliteration seems like nudging them in the wrong direction. Though you just happen to like 2 "A" names, most people would assume you intentionally tried to make their names match. I have twin nieces- Kate and Georgia- and I love that their names are more like normal sibset names and less like matchy twin names. 
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