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The Initial Issue

So after speaking to a friend and realizing that we didn't want to steal her baby girl name choice, we are looking at Evangeline Jane (nickname Evie) as our choice if we have a girl. Our last name is simple and short and starts with N. The only issue is that our older daughter is Eleanora Juliette (nickname Nora) so she would have the same three initials as her sister. I'm sure people will notice, but it really just happened to be what we liked nothing we planned on. 

I like the way Nora and Evie sound together. I think Eleanora and Evangeline are a nice pair. Should I not worry about it? Is this a deal breaker? Thanks in advance!
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Re: The Initial Issue

  • Wouldn't bother me at all. The names themselves are not overly matchy, which is a bigger deal imo.
  • It's not something I would do personally

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  • I also wouldn't repeat initials. 
  • It doesn't bother me at all. I know a family that did all their kids initials the same, then when they had their own children they did the same. 
  • I think it's cute. I think it would be a bit much if you had 3+ children with the same initials but I generally like sibling names that start with the same letter but not matchy names and not if a name is changed to fit. 

    I love Evie and Evangeline and goes well with Nora. 


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  • I think its fine and actually cute.
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  • I think it works. I wouldn't worry about it. 
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  • Not a big deal IMO.
  • I think it's fine
  • I wouldn't worry about the FN too much, matching only gets weird at 3+ for me. I would go with another MN though. You didn't say anything positive or necessary about Jane so just choose something else.

  • Not a big deal at all. Before I was married one of my sisters and I had the same first and last initial (JJ) and it has come up/been noticed not a single time. Having all three match wouldn't be much different since how often is a middle name/inital used anyway.
  • I think the names you have are beautiful and I wouldn't think twice about matching initials. I don't feel that people, at least the people I know, look that far into it.
  • jamiesc58 said:
    I think the names you have are beautiful and I wouldn't think twice about matching initials. I don't feel that people, at least the people I know, look that far into it.
    This is true. My DH and his two siblings all have the same initials. It literally didn't occur to me until 2.5 years into our marriage, after becoming pregnant and thinking about names constantly.
  • I think it's fine.  Plus makes hand-me-downs easier ;)
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  • I think initials aren't used on anything, so it's totally fine in my book. I get that monogramming might be popular in some areas but it's not where I live and I've never had anything with my initials on it.
  • I think it's fine. Our only two girls names are the same initials, and we like it like that. May not ever get to use them both, but wouldn't think twice about it.
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  • I like it!  I didn't personally want my second child to have the same initials as her older sister, because I knew we wanted to try for a third.  Then I'd feel pressure to make the third one match, too and limit my choices.  Something to think about if you have a third maybe.  

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  • My SS and DS have the same three initials and it's not a big deal. I don't think anyone other than DH and I have noticed it (and DH thinks it's pretty neat). The only problem we've ever run into is when putting appointments etc on our calendar because we used to use initials to document whose appointment or activity belongs to who (rather than filling calendar squares with the whole first name).
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  • My daughters have the same initials, EVD.  I love it that way and when they get married most likely initials will change.  Right now we can pass along all the monogrammed LLBean backpacks and lunch bags!  
  • I think it's pretty, I'd go for it.
  • The names are beautiful, and unless you monogram your children's towels I think the initials are nbd. 

    I actually had the same initials as my mom growing up and no one ever noticed. 
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  • It's fine and since they'll go by nicknames with different letters, fewer people will notice. My BIL and SIL did this on purpose and both their girls have the same initials. They are talking about a third and feel they have to keep it up and have a name they don't even love picked for a hypothetical third girl. They won't do the same initials for a boy, so I don't see why they will name a third girl a name they are both only so-so on. So if you feel you'll paint yourself in a corner for the future, don't do it. 
  • Totally fine. Great names.
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  • I think it's fine, as long as you're not going to feel committed to continuing the trend with any future children you have. I inadvertently picked initials for my boy pick this time around that are the same as my eldest (deceased) daughter's - obviously it's a slightly different situation, but like yours it wasn't intentional. 

    Honestly the only person who is likely to notice is my father, because he's got a highly analytical mind and jokes that he's very pleased that all his grandchildren so far have only augmented his goal of having one member of the family with each letter in the alphabet. (He currently has A-E with no repeats, plus G, M, N, and X.) He's going to be pretty irate when he realized I've ruined his plan by picking another G if we have a boy and another C if we have a girl. SORRY DAD.
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  • I know this is an old thread and you're not likely to see my post but I just have to say I can't believe the similarities in our name choices! I have two daughters... Evangeline Joy & Violet Jane, and we're currently expecting our third... another girl. :) Nora is currently our top choice for her and I'm loving Nora Juliette but I don't feel like I can use it (long story!). Have you made a final decision on a name yet?! My Evangeline is 5 and I get compliments on her name ALL THE TIME. I love it just as much now as I did when we picked it! :)
  • I didn't think about it until I saw this thread that my sister and I had the same initials (until we got married). So obviously I don't think it's a big deal, lol. 
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