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I have a feeling we will have some good ones this week ;) 

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  • @oandmplus1 I totally agree. It's hard not having family nearby. Not enough for me to move back to Detroit though. There's a lot of things I don't like about my mother but at the end of the day she's still my mother and always wish she could be here to support me through these big life events. It's hard to feel like you have a "village" when there's no family around.

  • @erin7264 ; I agree about not defining family by blood or marriage.  Some of  DH's family is the same way, and we no longer see them. 
    I wish I had done a better job putting energy into building up my friendships here, I suck at it.

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    I get super weird thinking about my BIL babysitting my baby. Not that anything's wrong with his kids but...I mean, you can't trust EVERYONE with your kid...and he wouldn't be high on my list of people to ask. (His wife though, sure.) #SorryNotSorry
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  • Regarding the inductions thread yesterday, I'm truly sorry if any of my comments upset or offended anyone. My spouting off was related solely to the article that was posted and my perceived attitude of the doctors in the article. But clearly, posting that in the inductions thread where people who just need support was totally the wrong place for it. I have no judgement and it is none of my business on whether someone decides to induce after thoughtful discussion with their doctor. Safe babies is above all the important thing - not our individual philosophies on how we get there. Love all you brave mammas!

  • @MamaBish She looks so big! So adorable. 
  • schazeschaze
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    @MamaBish she looks great! Also (UO?) that onesie is adorable.
  • schaze said:
    @MamaBish she looks great! Also (UO?) that onesie is adorable.
    Gender roles fffc I think last week or U/O. No idea if it got deleted or not, knowing our bmb prob deleted.

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  • @MamaBish she is adorable! 

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  • I feel like I may have inadvertently started that induction debate because I said something about people's doctors giving them hard cut offs and to not be afraid to speak up if you are well informed and not happy about it. Obviously, the doctor is the expert and I in no way judge women who choose to have inductions with their doctors approval, regardless of how far along they are. I just know some women would prefer to go into labor naturally or avoid Pitocin and it is possible to decline or postpone interventions, just be aware of the risks. My comment was meant to encourage women to ask questions and be well informed. Different birth plans work for different families.

    UO or not? Hoping to have DD get some time with just baby and us before the grandparents are invited in. Maybe just 15-20 minutes? I want her to have time to be introduced in a less chaotic environment where it's just the four of us.
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  • UO or not? Hoping to have DD get some time with just baby and us before the grandparents are invited in. Maybe just 15-20 minutes? I want her to have time to be introduced in a less chaotic environment where it's just the four of us.
    This was important to me with DS. I wanted him to be the first to meet her, alone, and we did pull it off. It was probably about 20 minutes... Long enough for him to get his present "from baby sister," see me for a bit (well, and DH, haha), and check her out for a little while. 

    I'm sure my MIL was stewing out in the waiting room, but IDGAF. I was mad at her anyway because she brought
    him to the hospital right after she was born when we told her there was going to be 90 minutes of skin to skin then the trip to the nursery to be checked out...
    So she had to take him without seeing the baby and leave for a few hours. Should've just listened!
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    @BecauseBabyIamAPug - I agree. (I know I'm a day late participating -- yesterday was a busy first full day for babe) I am always amazed by the never of people (my personal IRL friends included) who firmly believe that doctors push c sections and inductions because they "don't want to have to stay late". I can believe that there do exist SOME doctors who do this, but I feel like they are probably rare. And why would you work with a dr who you felt was going to do that? I fully trust my OB docs. If they said a section was best for baby, I would do it. Not question their motivations in doing so. 
  • I believe doctors are generally doing what they feel is best for baby and mom, but compared to some European countries with more midwife practice and lower infant and mother mortalities, we have a very high c-section rate. Our doctors here are trained to perform interventions when concerns arise and I think they are more comfortable feeling they tried to help then allow something bad to possibly happen and say they did nothing about it. I totally get why women and doctors choose c-sections when there is a concern, but I am the type to ask questions and evaluate the risks if I choose to avoid the intervention. That being said, I prefer to have an unmedicated birth with the supervision of an OB in case there is an emergency, understanding that they have a specialty in surgery and may recommend it without it being necessary per say. I would never tell another mom that her birth was reckless or wrong for her or her baby. Every mom is trying to do what she believes is best, and I would say the same is true for the vast majority of doctors.
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  • @whataboutscience - agree, we are definitely trained to err on the side of more interventions because our society is very litigious and intolerant of any adverse outcome, but generally doesn't consider the risks of extra procedures/antibiotics/admissions. Other countries tend to practice more toward what's best for society as a whole as far as interventions and cost of care. I think there is a much bigger role for informed decision making in the US but people need to be aware of the risks of both aggressive intervention as well as a more watchful waiting approach. I'm not sure we'll get there in our current system.
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