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Anyone else dealt with the flu yet?  My DD tested positive this morning.  We started Tamiflu and are doing Tylenol every four hours for her fever.  This is just awful.  Daycare of course "hasn't had anyone else with it".  

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  • Hugs to you! Haven't dealt with this yet so no advice, but thinking of you. 
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  • Thank you. Her fever is 102 with Tylenol. This sucks. 
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  • My other children have dealt with the flu but not the baby. Ever since my son started school we get sick so much more often. Not sure of the age but ibuprofen has helped with the fever with my kids. Hope your baby feels better soon 
  • Haven't been there yet but skin to skin with mama can help to regulate her temperature. Do you have a carrier you can put her in with just a diaper and then wear her with no top on?
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  • I do have a carrier!  That is a great idea.  I'll try that.  
    Miss Lilac
  • @miss Lilac that is a great idea!! 
    Miss Lilac
  • We had the flu go through our house a couple weeks ago. Everyone got it except the baby thankfully. I attribute that to constantly sanitizing everything and nursing(since your body creates antibodies while you're sick). I was sick in bed for an entire day and just pumped fresh milk for my little man all day.
    He did have a fever a couple days ago, 102. But Tylenol brought it down and Doctor said its just a virus.
  • Oh man, I'm sorry :( The flu is just about gone in our community for the year. DD1 is coming down with something today, though, and I'm really hoping my mom (who watches them) kept her away from the baby. Hope your LO feel better soon! 



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