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Feeling meh.

Hoping for a bit of inspiration for team green baby #2! In my third tri now and there are plenty of names that hubs and I like, but nothing that we love/are 100% sure on. For girl, we like Sage most. I also like Francis and Naomi, but he doesn't. For boy, our top runner is Ezra. I'm nervous about how quickly it's gaining in popularity, though. I also like Arlo, but does it scream a bit "dog name"? And Dexter after family, but don't want a serial killer reference...? ;) DD #1 is Mila. 

I feel like I've looked at every name in the book and just feel so "meh" about them all. Help! Suggestions that are shorter to go with DD but hopefully not crazy popular?! Thank you in advance!

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  • Hmm. Suggest 


    Arlo is fine. You could always use Dexter as middle.

    Arlo Dexter
    Ezra Dexter
    Felix Dexter 
    Brian Dexter
    Philip Dexter
    Silas Dexter 
    Ira Dexter 
    Alton Dexter
    Morgan Dexter 
    Neil Dexter
    Remy Dexter 
    Pierce Dexter 
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    Thank you for the suggestions! I actually really like the name Silas, but I can't seem to convince my dh! I'm going to try again now ;)
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  • Ezra Dexter is awesome. Suggest: Elias, Peter, Damien, and Ian. 

    I like Sage. 
    What about Zoe, Rose, June, Lily, Fern, Tess, Ruth, Ivy, Iris, Dawn, or Erin? 
    DD: Ophelia 5/18/15
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    Ok, I am kind of obsessed with the 'Fern' suggestion! Adding it to the list- thank you!
  • My $.02:  Ezra is great.  Look no further.

    Sage is a little "out there" for me, and I prefer Fern, which is nature-inspired by literally less "spicy."
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  • Your names are great!

    The feminine spelling is Frances not Francis which is masculine. 

    I think of Arlo Guthrie & Thanksgiving - Arlo is wonderful IMO. 

    Suggesting: Deja, Jade, Rayna, Paloma, Ida, Sidra, Sasha, Phoebe, Agnes, Hugh, Amos, Dean, Quentin, Simon, Samuel, Eben. 

    But really is Ezra getting popular? I wasn't aware. It's very nice.  

    Good luck! 
  • I like Sage
  • I like Francis and Naomi. Sage is blah for me. I like Dexter best of your boy names. 
  • Love Naomi and Ezra.
    My furchildren, Dorothy and Johnny :)
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