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FTM Home Birth! Anyone else?

When I hear about women doing home births, it seems to me that it is typically a woman's second or third child. I will be having a home birth as a FTM. Do any FTMs have experience with a home birth and would you be willing to share your story?

Re: FTM Home Birth! Anyone else?

  • I haven't, but I have 3 friends who had homebirths with their first babies. All births were completely straight forward and all of them say they wouldn't do it differently.
    Elizabeth 5yrs old Jane 3yrs old

  • I'm in July BMB and we had one FTM have her baby at home last week. If you check the birth announcements I believe her pic and a brief birth story were posted there. I'm a FTM and will be having an unmedicated, out of hospital birth at a stand-alone birth center. Due this Friday and need to have the baby by July 14th to deliver there. I'm happy to share my story when it goes down (hopefully soon), but until then check some birth announcement threads- I know there are home birthing FTMs around :)
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