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Cora or Annabelle?

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Is Cora too harsh? Is Annabelle too cute? I love them both! 

Cora or Annabelle? 74 votes

60% 45 votes
39% 29 votes

Re: Cora or Annabelle?

  • Annabelle is too cutesy to me. It's just NMS with the -belle ending. I don't see Cora as harsh at all.

  • I like Cora. It's not to harsh at all.

    Annabelle just does nothing for me, I find it pretty cutesy, and just too sweet, juvenile sounding. 

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  • MandyBeeSLPMandyBeeSLP
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    I've known two Annabelle's, and it's super cute when they are young and gets shortened to Anna or Belle when they get older. 
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  • Vivi20Vivi20
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    I prefer Cora. I'm sorry, but any time I hear Annabelle, I picture a cow. As in, at a farm. I picture a cow named Annabelle, eating grass or being milked.
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  • That was a hard choice, but I voted Annabelle.  I like them both.  FWIW, both of my kids are hanging out with me today, and they both voted Cora.
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  • I'm not a fan of Annabelle, and Cora seems to be super trendy right now. What about just Anna? Or Coral, Corinne, Cara, Clara, or Carly?
  • I really really really hate Cora.  I know it's well-liked here but I just can't see any appeal.  Annabelle is not my style but it's timeless and beautiful.
  • I love Cora, but like it better as a nickname to Coraline or Coralie. Not a fan of Annabelle at all.
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