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uterine scar dehiscence

Hey there! I went in for an ultrasound yesterday (doing injections with trigger shot and timed intercourse) and the tech said that there is a separation of my uterine scar from previous c-sections that was filled with fluid. She said it is pretty rare to find this prior to a pregnancy and that it could mean being monitored more closely during pregnancy.
I have done some online research but haven't found many people who mentioned knowing about a uterine scar dehiscence in advance of getting pregnant! Has anyone been through this before?  If so....what was your protocol for pregnancy (bed rest, schedule c-section) and has anyone done any type of surgery to fix this prior to getting pregnant?
I have a follow up scheduled with a high risk doctor to chat more about it but wondered what info this community could provide in the meantime.

Re: uterine scar dehiscence

  • Hi!  I usually just lurk but wanted to introduce myself and share my experience.  I am currently 23 weeks pregnant with my third baby.  I have had two prior c-sections.  At 14 weeks in this pregnancy I had a major blessing episode.  At the OB's office they did an ultrasound and found what they suspected to be uterine scar dehiscence.  Of course I was told my outlook was not optimistic as I was currently pregnant.  I had an MRI done the next day and luckily my uterus did not have complete dehiscence.  There is a weak spot.  I am on modified bedrest and have ultrasounds every two weeks right now. My OB said it is extremely unusual to see a dehiscence so early in a pregnancy.  They will monitor closely and will deliver early.  Hopefully your doctor was able to give you more insight and options for treating before pregnancy.  Wishing you all the best!  
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