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Baby girl sib question

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dd 1 is Elise. Would it be weird to use Annalise as a middle name for dd 2? 

Re: Baby girl sib question

  • Yes, too matchy for me.
  • For a middle name I think it's fine.  Would not use as a first name.
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  • Fine as a mn, but too matchy as a fn
  • eh, it's a middle name so I think it's totally fine. 
  • I would not do it unless there is a meaning behind it, like you are trying to honor someone named Annalise.
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  • In the middle name spot I think it's totally fine.
    DD: Ophelia 5/18/15
  • OK for a MN if you must (family meaning, only name you agree on, etc). Definitely a no for FN though. 
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  • Yes. Too similar.  
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