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Girl Name Help Please!

Moxie LadyMoxie Lady
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Posted a while back, but still having a hard time...Narrowed things down a bit and added one more.  Any and all help is appreciated - Would love feedback!  Last name sounds like Garrison.

This will be DD2 with older sister named Natalie Elise.  TIA!

Girl Name Help Please! 67 votes

Shoshana Evangeline (nn Shosh)
2% 2 votes
Shoshana Isabel
10% 7 votes
Isabel Shoshana (I hate that it's so popular, but DH loves it, and I have to admit, it's so pretty)
38% 26 votes
Ophelia Jane (nn Fie)
47% 32 votes

Re: Girl Name Help Please!

  • ellebee2ellebee2
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    I love Isabel and think it pairs beautifully with Natalie. However if popularity will really bother you, I'd vote Shoshana Isabel. 
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  • I love Evangeline but NAF of Shoshona. I voted Ophelia Jane because it sounds classic but is unusual enough to stand out. However I do think Isabel is the only one that sounds like it "goes" with Natalie.
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  • I voted Ophelia Jane, because I like the flow of it. But you seem to really like Shoshana (since it showed up 3 times! :) ). I would have voted for Shoshana Jane if it had been choice - sometimes a short middle name balances out a longer first name. 

    Good luck and congratulations! 
  • I think Natalie and Isabel sound best together.
  • I also think Natalie and Isabel sound the best together, or Natalie and Evangeline. 
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