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What do you think of the name Trista?

Re: Just for fun....

  • Hmm.  Dislike.  It feels incomplete. 
  • If I'm being 100% honest it sounds a bit trashy to me 

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  • Yeah, I'm getting kind of a less than classy vibe from it. 
    My furchildren, Dorothy and Johnny :)
  • Agree with PPs. And pretty sure there was a Bachelorette (the reality show) named Trista.

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  • Trista was the original bachelorette - I didn't even watch the show and found her to be annoying, so even if it didn't sound made up I wouldn't like it. Suggest Callista or Patricia nn Tricia for similar feel but better names.
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  • It feels like  mash-up of Christa & Tristan
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  • I don't like it at all.
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  • It's sounds a little dated, but I like it.
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  • Not a fan, agree with PP that is has a sort of trashy feeling
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    Well that made my point in a hurry lol! Trista is my name. And the Bachelorette ruined it for me(I'm 33)! Haha My friend was worrying about naming her kid Ava because it has become too popular. And mentioned how my name and my older sister's were nice because you don't hear them all that often. And while I do love that about my name, I said, unpopular doesn't equal beautiful name. Ava is beautiful. Then I told her I'd get opinions on my name from the 'experts' lol and she could see how different a classic beauty is compared to a name that is just unpopular! Thanks everyone for your opinions!!! I hope this helps her to stop stressing!
  •  :/ 
    DD: Ophelia 5/18/15
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