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Baby Girl Name

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Baby Girl Name 103 votes

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Re: Baby Girl Name

  • You have so many good choices! You might pair some up if you have trouble choosing...

    Penelope Claire
    Eliza Claire (My vote was for Eliza)
    Ruby Claire
    Lillian Ruby
  • So far some combos in consideration are: Penelope Claire, Claire Penelope, Ruby Elise, Eliza Penelope or Eliza Claire, Zoe Olivia or Zoe Elise

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  • This is a great list! I'm with PP on pairing some of these names. My favorites are:

    Lillian Ruby
    Ruby Eliza
    Penelope Eliza
    Penelope Claire
  • I like Penelope Claire, Eliza Claire & Zoe Elise. 
    Lillian Ruby doesn't flow well IMO.
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