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Lots of Braxton Hicks this last month

I know its not real labor, but I'm having a lot of them, sometimes on and off for an hour 2-4 times a day. No pain, mildly uncomfortable, lots of tightening, random times. Becoming more and more frequent. I'm 24 weeks. Anyone else experiencing this? 

Re: Lots of Braxton Hicks this last month

  • I had this with my last pregnancy. I'm 16 weeks this time around and it has started again. My doctor called it "irritable uterus" and basically just watched to make sure my cervix stayed closed.
    Drinking lots of water seemed to help a bit, but it still happened any time I rode in a car, or had sex, or laid on my back, or or or....
    I just had to make peace with it. It never did hurt, just made my muscles tired.
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  • Drink lots of water. If you are at all dehydrated that can cause an increase in Braxton Hicks. After a weekend of having a bunch a few weeks ago I set my own personal water intake goal to be 100oz a day and now I maybe have 5 a day.

    Increasing water won't be a magic cure-all for everyone, but it's a good place to start. And while Braxton Hicks themselves are nothing to worry about, if you're consistently getting 4-5+ an hour or drinking water and changing positions doesn't make them go away, it's worth a call to your dr.
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  • Thank you for info ladies, I'm going to try water intake increase.....sounds like irritable uterus. I see doctor on Monday and will tell my doctor too. :)
  • I got them at 18 weeks pretty randomly. Dr gave me nifedipine to take as needed. Got then more consistently at 28 wks and took the meds every 6 hours. Water wasn't helping me and had to go on disability due to preterm symptoms. Had NST twice a week. I made it to my scheduled section at 39 weeks.
  • I went to doctor yesterday, she's going to be monitoring me as I'm high risk....but she reassured me this was common and likely my uterus was irritated. 
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