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35 weeks and nifedipine

I will be 35 weeks tomorrow and was placed on nifedipine to stop contractions I've been having since 5/28. Anyone have experience with this drug and did it help? 

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  • I was in PTL from 29w6d. I started nifedipine 30w5d I take my last pill tomorrow. I will be 34w sat. The dr and hospitals do not stop labor after 34w. After getting my labor stopped these pills helped stop my contractions. I would start to feel them when it was time to take the next pill or if I was late taking it. About the past week I have been feeling more contractions but still no progression. They did make my heart feel like is was beating fast, flushed in my face, dizzy, and head ach. I made sure to eat when taking them and it helped a lot. I take 20mg every 6 hours. 
  • I started taking them around 18 wks as needed. Then every six hours at 29 wks because my contractions became stronger and more frequent. I was dilating and was monitored twice a week at the doc. I would often feel stronger contractions within the last 30 mins-hour or so of my next pill. I stopped taking them at 37 wks. I made it to 39+2 for my scheduled section. I don't remember any symptoms. I thought labor would kick start when I stopped them but nope. My contractions actually became less intense and frequent once stopping the pill (weird!). I took 10mg.
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  • My doctor just prescribed this for me. I take it every 8 hours. I have been having a lot of Uterine Irritability the last couple weeks, ended up in L&D twice for it. They gave me a shot to stop them. Although I still get them while on the pill, it has really reduced them. I am also on modified bed rest. I find that it makes my skin flush, and makes my ears ring. But the symptoms aren't that bad.
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  • I'm on it. My Dr want me to continue until 37 weeks, when I will have my CS.

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