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Anyone initially test positive for food allergy then have it be negative?

Son (13 months) recently tested positive for allergies to cow's milk (I already knew this), soy (knew this as well), wheat, and pretty much all nuts.  I have not introduced any type of nut butter yet and am glad I did not.  He scored the highest for peanuts so it was explained that it could be a false positive but the only way to know is to do a "challenge test" in the doc office where he has a bit orally and she watches his response.  Anyways, she also said that b/c the test (scratch test) showed a severe response to peanuts his reaction could be severe.  So basically it could be a non issue or a major issue.

Has anyone's kids testing in the severe/highly allergic range to nuts on a scratch test and then did a challenge test where they were totally fine?

Re: Anyone initially test positive for food allergy then have it be negative?

  • Yes, this happened to a friend of mine. Her son had been regularly eating several types of nuts that showed up on a scratch test as highly allergic. 

    Allergy testing is notoriously imprecise, but it's the best tool we have right now. You can also do blood testing which is unfortunately even less accurate than skin testing, but gives you another data point. There's even a test that breaks down which peanut proteins the blood is reacting too, since some are more often associated with severe reactions than others.

    We've been dealing with a peanut/tree nut allergy for the last nearly 3 years with DD. It can be scary, but it's also becoming more common and thus more accepted to take necessary precautions. I hope yours is a false positive, but if it's not, just know that it's survivable, but be easy on yourself. It's scary being the mom of a young toddler with a food allergy.
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    If you are worried, ask your doctor to have your son do the peanut component test.  That would give you another piece of the puzzle.  

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  • Thanks for the feedback.  Peanut challenge was done and was bad, eventually needed an epi shot in doc office.  Im still confused ( maybe in denial?) bc he never looked like he was in distress but def reacting via hives/ swollen/red eyes, itchy.  Obv i have to trust the doc she knew what she was doing and she felt it was serious enough to give the shot.  Feeling overwhelemed and confused.
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