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Co sleeping/bed sharing

any moms bed sharing with their littles? I do with my 12 month old most of the time. Hell go down in his crib sometimes but it's a fight and takes all night but he falls right to sleep if in bed with me plus we're still breastfeeding. Just wondering if anyone else is doing the same, also kinda afraid It will effect me in the future.. 

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  • We still co-sleep. We have a hard time getting my son to sleep on his own. But now we are moving in the next month so I've started packing everything up. I've decided to continue to let him sleep with us til then. Once we move though, baby boy is just going to have to get used to his own room.
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  • Oh and I'm not too worried about the future. There will be a day where he wants nothing to do with me. I'll enjoy all the snuggles I can get.
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    I am in the same boat. I agree that someday he will not want the snuggles so I will take them now. I was so stressed out about it but it is what it is. I did try the CIO method when he was about 6 months and he cried for an hour and a half and the next night was no different. I have been pressured by "friends" to stop. 
  • One thing that worked for us was moving the crib into our room (temporarily) to ease the transition from co-sleeping to crib.
    Some more great tips here:
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