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I need advice! (TMI)

okay, so this might be a little TMI but we're all ladies here. My breasts before pregnancy were 36DD, during pregnancy I burst to a 38F/G and now my LG is 8 months old, my breasts are like two sand bags. (Told you this was TMI). Anyway, I am a bridesmaid at my cousins wedding in 2 months and our dresses are backless and low cut at the front which means no bra. I am the only bridesmaid with bigger breasts and I guess I'm asking for any tips to make the girls stay in place? Has anyone ever used any types of breast tapes etc before? I really need help or else I'll have to decline the bridesmaid title. 

Thanks x

Re: I need advice! (TMI)

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    I have little bitty titties but my advice is to try out a random breast tape (after doing some googling ;) ) then make your decision from there

  • You can get a silicone stick on bra pretty cheaply at Wal-Mart. After a few uses it's not very good tbh, but it's inexpensive.
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  • I was 34c pre pregnancy and 36f after.  I have used a few tapes but that don't work very well.  They work for short periods but not hours.  There is bra that's convertible for plunging neckline and strapless dresses.  I have it and it is wonderful.  I would experiment with different things before declining.  Have you tried a bra specialty store? 
  • Get a longline, low back strapless. 
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  • Can you have a bra or bra cups sewn into the dress? My wedding dress was low cut with a very low back. There was no way to get any type of bra to go under it and I needed support, so, I had a seamstress at the dress shop sew bra cups into it. It was fairly inexpensive, if I remember correctly, and worked out great. This was something that they did routinely at the dress shop that I used. Maybe check into something like that?

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