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Sunday plans?

What are you ladies plans for today?

Re: Sunday plans?

  • We normally go to church but woke up this morning to a lightning storm that knocked out electricity. I'm hoping they get it on soon since we have a well, and no electricity means no water.
  • Headed to church, returning a rental car, then finish packing our house to move 
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  • @moonlady thats incredible! So happy for you! I hope you enjoy your day today! 

    we don't have much planned today. My DH is going golfing so I will be cleaning up the house and some laundry. Trying to decide if I want to take DD swimming or to the park. 

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  • @moonlady Congratulations!! That's so exciting!

    Sadly I'm doing homework today, still about 10 weeks away from my bachelor's. MS is making me so much more of a procrastinator. Husband and I might play a board game later too. We'd watch Game of Thrones, but I go to bed too early for that now, so it's turned into a Monday thing.
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  • @moonlady Congratulations! That's a huge accomplishment! What's your degree in?

    We're having a lazy day since the high today is forecast to be 98 degrees. I have the slightest inkling of energy in me for the first time in over a month so I'm almost tempted to clean our apartment, but I'm probably just going to play The Sims all afternoon :)
  • Running errands with the husband for our trip to Texas. Trying to find a cute dress to hide this bloat with no luck. 
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    I'm supposed to go get home improvement stuff with the husband and then to go shopping for my dad's birthday.. But I'm not feeling good was gonna try anyway but as soon as I stood up.. MS kicked my butt.. So I'll be on the couch again..

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    Congrats @moonlady

    We're going to a nursery today to get ideas for improving the landscaping in our front yard. Then, Game of Thrones! 

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  • Went to a wedding last night and woke up feeling incredibly sore everywhere, so I'm having a "hangover" day. Was planning on doing some housework but that's going to be pushed aside once again. Oh well maybe I'll just hire a maid
  • I actually woke up with energy and feeling motivated to help DH clean. I thought I was catching glimpses of the second trimester light, but now morning sickness is back. I told DH that he better get his kid in line (even though a tiny part of me is happy because I always feel like it's worst when the baby is having a growth spurt). Another day of laying on the couch, struggling to drink water and find food that won't make me sick - kind of like a more exciting hangover. 
  • Thanks everyone! My degree is in elementary education so I can teach k-8. 
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  • I had enough energy to go out and have lunch. 
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