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Infant car seats or convertible for twins in NYC....

hi all. Am having a dilemma re: he infant vs convertible seat decision. Seems everyone says infant seats a must for first 7 months but honestly I doubt my hubby and I will be taking our newborn twins in our car more than maybe 3-5 times in that window.... Def not more than 5 times. Given that we don't live in suburbs and are city folk, doesn't it make sense to skip infant seats? My stroller has those removable bassinets so those are "carriers" right?

Re: Infant car seats or convertible for twins in NYC....

  • I would think as long as you have basinets for your stroller (I'm assuming that's what you mean by baskets) it might be fine.  I do know that a lot of newborns don't fit well in convertible seats (even if they meet the weight limit), which would be even tougher with early babies.  How do you plan to get home from the hospital?
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  • If you don't use your car often there are convertible seats that start at 4 lbs I believe.  The benefit for those of us not in a city that have to drive everywhere is you never need to move/jostle a sleeping baby.  In your case, that will happen so infrequently I'd probably go straight to a convertible.  I'd make sure I get 4 lb tested and up though.  
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  • The other issue with convertible seats that young is they need to recline really far in order for your baby to be supported properly (since they can't really sit up for a while). If you can find one that fits in your vehicle and has a low enough weight limit, I would probably go that route.

    speaking from experience- my parents bought a convertible seat for when we visit, and it barely fit in a Suburban when DS was 3mos old.
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