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What happens at your prenatal appointments?

Now that most of us have had multiple prenatal appointments, I'm wondering what happens at yours? Do you pee in a cup every time? What do they check?

Re: What happens at your prenatal appointments?

  • shevaCCshevaCC member
    I've only been asked to pee in a cup 2-3x total each pregnancy with DD and DS. My appointments so far have included finding the heartbeat via Doppler, weight and blood pressure check, asking questions, and poking at my uterus (I'm sure there's a more proper medical term here).
  • Pee in a cup every time. Weight check, blood pressure, Doppler and a chance to ask questions. That's about it at this point! 
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  • BLyn627BLyn627 member
    Pee in a cup every time, blood pressure, weight, Doppler, ask/answer questions, and in another appointment or two start measuring fundal height. 
  • I started going every 4 weeks starting at 5 weeks. I only did the cup pee on the first visit (i asked last time about it because i always drank water just in case) and she said they wont need again unless i report a bladder pain or issue. Blood pressure, weight, uterus size and baby's heartbeat are the only things checked for me. We've talked about screenings at each so far but now im done with them. Next appointment is day after anatomy scan in 3 weeks. Then im wondering if any of the routine will change because half way! 
  • Weight check, blood pressure, heartbeat and uterus size. Then we go over any questions and concerns. I've only peed in a cup once.

  • So far I've peed in a cup each time, weight, blood pressure, heartbeat, questions and conversation about what to expect at the next appointment.
  • ZoeFerZoeFer member
    I have peed in a cup every time but they have actually ran a test only the first time, the other times they used a pee stick only. Weight and blood pressure check, listening to heartbeat with a doppler and questions-answers.  

  • With the doctor: weight check and chance to ask questions.

    Was also sent for ultrasounds to check heartbeat and NT and blood bank for various tests....

  • jstinkzjstinkz member
    Pee in a cup for protein and sugar levels, weight, blood pressure, ultrasound (I got one every time with DD too...sounds like I'm a lucky one), quick chat with the Doctor about any questions/concerns and what to expect next. 
  • Pee in a cup, weight, blood pressure, and ultrasound (so far). I have no idea if my next appt will have another ultrasound but she will finally use the Doppler so I am excited to hear baby's heartbeat!
  • I've already had so many appointments I feel weird not having one again until June 7th! Most of mine so far were early ultrasounds due to my history. The actual prenatals with the ob tho will just be weight, Doppler, questions but they actually gave me a cup to collect fmu at home before coming in each visit. Luckily most of my appointments we try to schedule in the morning so I'm not caring around a cup of pee all day.
  • kms456kms456 member
    pee in a cup, blood pressure, weight, dopplar, measure ute.
    Me: 30 DH:31 DD:3
    3/6/16 BFP 
    EDD: 11/14/16

  • Urine sample, weight, blood pressure, my midwife has a small handheld ultrasound she has used at my appointments to give me a quick peek at baby, then Doppler to check heart rate. I ask any questions at the end and that's it.
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  • I am seeing high risk and reg ob. So ob is just basically a Check in..urine, weight , BP and "I saw mfm this is what is going on...." and quick doppler to check heart rates.  I have ultrasounds every 2 weeks with mfm so those appointments take a while, but I am literally in and out at ob. 
  • lots of waiting, in different spots, lol. pee, weight, BP. then, meet with OB and whatever student he has following him. Brief Q&A. lay back while he pushes around my lower stomache. doppler heart beat.
  • RaeJ004RaeJ004 member
    Pee in a cup (due to recurring bladder infections in other pregnancies), weight, vitals, u/s, questions.
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  • Every time I've gone so far has been pee in a cup, weight check, blood pressure, u/s, questions.
    DS  12-1-2014
    DD 10-29-2016
    #3 due 10-13-2018
  • Pee in a cup every time, check weight, blood pressure and then general question and answer. I've only gotten one u/s and they haven't used the doppler so I am REALLY looking forward to my 16 week appt so I can finally hear my little man again. It's been two long months! 
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  • erinlin25erinlin25 member
    edited May 2016
    so far every time has been weight check, pee in a cup, blood pressure, Doppler to hear hertbeat and Q/A.   

  • msu_galmsu_gal member
    pee in a cup every time.  And the funny thing was at first I didn't know why I was doing it.  My OB came in and said, good news your urine is negative.  And I was like...huh?!  Isn't that a pregnancy test, don't I want that positive?  then she explained it was checking for infection.  ssheeez...  panic attack.
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  • Weight, blood pressure, pee in a cup, fundal height after a certain point, doppler. Shooting the shit with the office staff and my OB is probably about 90% of my appointment. If I bring my daughter, a solid amount of time is devoted to making sure she doesn't pull the magazine rack onto herself again.
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  • ficbotficbot member
    I have only seen the actual OB one time and my appointment was cut short for an emergency. But they seem to love blood tests here. Every time I have gone for anything, ultrasounds or scans or whatever, they always cheerfully conclude by giving me a piece of paper to take to the blood test people. Loves them some blood tests here :-) I am going next week for for first routine checkup. I am going to wear short sleeves for obvious reasons.
  • Elev429Elev429 member
    I've only seen midwife once but it was weight, blood pressure,  she asked if I thought at all about VBAC vs repeat csection. And told me some of her pros/cons with whatever i chose.  Then I got a quick ultra sound as she was having difficulty getting the hb on doppler.  
    Married Nov. 3rd, 2012
    DS Born 12/20/13
    #2 EDD 11/20/2016
  • At the moment I go every 4 weeks for about 15 min.  Urine sample everytime, weight, BP check, listen to my heart and lungs thru stethoscope, Doppler, fundal height and q&a.   

  • pee in a cup, weight, blood pressure, quick ultrasound, doppler (although I think they just do that because people want to hear the heartbeat...since they already show it on the ultrasound), ask about symptoms/travel plans, answering questions
  • Ash9614Ash9614 member
    Pee in a cup every time. Weight check, blood pressure, Doppler and a chance to ask questions. That's about it at this point! 
    Same. Not too exciting but I get excited anyway
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  • Same as most for me too. Pee, weight and BP, questions. At first I had a little ultrasound to see baby's heart, but now it's just doppler to hear it.
  • Ultrasound, weight, BP, questions
    TTC since January 2015
    3/15/2015 BFP!
    4/15/2015 MMC  :'(
    2/25/2016 BFP! Hoping for the best!
  • One thing that is kind of crazy, is that I have only had my weight checked 1 time (at 11 weeks), and haven't had it checked since. I'm hoping at my next apt they will check it so I know where I'm at according to their scales. I think they were going on my "pre pregnancy" weight from earlier this year. 
  • I guess I'm in the minority, because I have my weight, blood pressure, and questions. Dr also checked for heartbeat the last 2 appointments, we didn't hear it the first time so he got the handheld ultrasound and I got to see baby. He checked uterus size, and explained what to expect around each of the following weeks, asked if I had any questions, and at our last appointment May 31, we did the quad blood screen, which came back normal, thank god. I only got a urine test at my first appointment, which they did a drug screen with. But that's just my dr. 
  • My next appointment is going to be really simple. My first routine OB checkup. So this one will be sign in, pee in a cup, weight/blood pressure, listen to heartbeat, feel uterus, and leave. My previous two appointments included ultrasounds and were basically the same as the routine checkup, but I did have a pap smear and my blood drawn in addition at the end of my last appointment.
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  • Urine sample every time, blood pressure, weight, dr listens with the Doppler if I didn't have an ultrasound. She feels my uterus and then gives me the chance for any questions. Then until almost the end of the second tri I have blood work every time.
  • CB8504CB8504 member
    Urine sample, weight, blood pressure, heart beat Doppler, and questions with the NP. I only see the doctor every other month for sonogram.
  • Weight check, blood pressure check, pee in a cup, doppler to listen to the heartbeat, and time for questions.
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