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Nanny with interesting background...

We are interviewing nannies for our 5 month old. Doing background checks, found that our favorite had financial judgements against her a few years ago. Should we be worried or is her financial past none of our business? She seems perfect for the job.

Re: Nanny with interesting background...

  • Unless she was involved with some sort of fraud or illegal activities I wouldn't worry about past financial issues. Does it tell you anything about what happened or how much? I wouldn't think it would affect her ability as a nanny.
  • I would not even consider it. Sometimes good people get in financial hot water. With me not working, our finances are getting really hard. I can see how someone can get dragged down. 
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  • I wouldn't worry about their finances. That's really none of your business unless maybe you're worried she'll steal from you, in which case you shouldn't hire her anyway. As long as her background is free from violent crimes and drug use, hire her.

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