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A not-so-typical event

Hello everyone!

I'm a married SAHM with a 2 yo DD. As you all know, June has arrived and it's time to celebrate high school graduates. Normally, my husband and I love attending these events, as it gives us a great chance to socialize with family in a relaxed environment; therefore, should our DD make a mess of herself, it's not a big deal.

However, we have several family members who are a bit on the wealthy side and like to flaunt it a little. We received an invitation to a graduation party (whole family invited) that's being held at a country club! The invitation even came with a dress code!!

I'm thankful that my DD is only 2 yo and doesn't understand the reason for parties at places like this yet; if my children were older, I would have to explain to them that this is not the type of party that my DH and I will be giving them when they graduate high school.

My DD is obviously still at an age where she still makes a mess while eating (she's asserting her independence a lot and always wants to feed herself), and I'm guessing the restrooms at this country club are not baby friendly. She's likely gonna make a mess of herself or wipe her messy hands on my nice clothes. Why can't they just have an at-home outdoor BBQ like everyone else???

If any of you were in my position, would you bring your child to this event? Plus, keep in mind, with most of the family likely going, finding a babysitter may be difficult.

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  • Lurking on this board, but I have to say I love a good country club party! Like you, it's a little outside my means to host such a thing, but I still enjoy the occasion to dress up and enjoy some catering :) That being said, I'd enjoy the party more without my child. I'd definitely try to find a babysitter, but if I couldn't, I'd assume my family would be pretty forgiving about messy hands, and that the bathroom situation would be adequate, and if worse came to worse, I'd be prepared to step outside or leave early.
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    I would bring her. I don't see why the bathroom would be a problem and people are generally forgiving of children. And if there are people who aren't, oh well. I think you might be making more of an issue than necessary. 
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  • Sounds fun to me! I'd bring her. Since it's their graduate and they're footing the bill I think it makes sense for them to choose the venue they most like. (Actually, if we can afford it at the time, a country club graduation celebration sounds awesome to me.)
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  • We have zero family close that we trust atleast to watch our 21 mo and we had a family wedding we had to attend at a pretty fancy place I brought him and he definitely made a mess but honestly what toddler doesn't anyone with toddlers should understand that. I still had a lot of wipes on hand though and wore a darker dress with patterns so you couldn't see any stains!
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