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Re-Introduction and Help! My toddler won't nap!

Hello.  I was a member of the boards back when I was pregnant.  Raising my one daughter as a stay at home mom and dealing with my own health issues has not afforded me many opportunities to visit and post.  But I am attempting to rejoin as I found the board really helpful back then.  I'm married and contemplating a second child at the grand old age of 45.  Yes, it will be a challenge but obviously well worth it.

On to my problem.  My little one has stopped taking naps.  I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow so I'll discuss whether there are any physical issues then but was wondering if anyone else has a little one who is skipping naps.  I try tiring her out with trips to the park and baby gym but she stays awake.  Her last nap was on Saturday.  When she does nap, she will nap for about 2 hours but she just doesn't nap often enough.  I know she is probably as sleep deprived as I am.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you!

Re: Re-Introduction and Help! My toddler won't nap!

  • Hey!
    I don't know if this will make you feel better but my son stopped napping at 18 months. He still kind of needed it, he's now 29 months and doesn't nap, except maybe for 1/2 hour in the car on the weekend if we are driving somewhere.  First I would say, stop stressing out. I found I was getting so overwhelmed with tiring him out, prepping everything, all to spend hours that resulted in him not napping and driving me nuts. Stop trying to expect it, and when it does happen... you'll enjoy it more. See if you can do a hushy time instead.  I would set a sheet over his toddler bed, put him in comfy clothes and tell him he didn't have to nap but had to stay in his bed/room and play with quiet toys. I used puzzles primarily for this time. Once in a blue moon he did nap. Later he hated the word nap and hushy time so now he sits with me in the living room but I try to either read a book to him or have him play quietly with his cars.  

    My doctor said if he's functioning ok during the day and sleeping well at night then maybe he did outgrow his naps.  He did lengthen his nighttime sleep.  Every now and then I think he could use a nap but he won't go down :(  Good luck and please relax.  I used to get so  
  • Hello ladies, it's been awhile for me as well. My daughter stopped her naps in the fall. She is incredibly active and spent hours fighting the naps at the end, so I just said heck with it! The good news is : earlier bedtime now. I wish you luck!
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    Hey! My toddler went on a nap strike around February for two weeks. Just in time for our second to make an appearance this past March. We stuck with it and he is napping again..rules are you have to keep trying, we removed all distractions including books from the room. He has a toddler sleep clock to tell him when it's nap time. If he napped i gave him surprise rewards like new toys, something yummy, or a trip somewhere special. If he didn't try even, we started taking toys or experiences away. It worked like a charm. 

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