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Suddenly Super Fussy 8 month old!

My 8 month old has been super fussy for about a week or so. He has already cut his 2 front lower teeth and that doesn't seem to be what's bothering him. (He was less fussy when they broke through than he is now!) He is normally a very calm happy baby. I can put him down and he would just play until he got tired or hungry. Now I feed him a bottle and put him down and within minutes he is whining. If I don't get pick him up he will start crying. But even if i hold him he will still get super fussy and whiny. The only time he stops is if I walk around with him. It was nice yesterday so I took him outside and he was happy playing in the lawn for about 15 min then started whining again. And he had only been up for an hour so I don't think it was him being tired!

He has kinda regressed on eating solids lately as well, he just gets so mad in his highchair and clamps his mouth shut when I try to feed him. He will gladly self feed himself but won't take a spoon. But he is eating about 32 oz of formula every day so I know he is still getting enough to eat.

I'm going crazy here! I can't get anything done and his whining is incessant! Could it be a growth spurt? Bored? Separation anxiety? Arghhhhh!

Re: Suddenly Super Fussy 8 month old!

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    It could be any of the above! You might not ever find out what the problem is because these phases come and go so quickly.

    I wouldn't stress the solids because he isn't getting nutrition or getting full from them so if he regresses, that's ok. Formula is the important food.

    Teething causes a whole mess of problems and babies can be miserable for days. It sucks but hopefully it passes soon. And hey, this is just getting you ready for when your LO is a toddler...and then a 3 year old, then a 4 year old....the whining NEVER stops! lol ;)

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  • I'm having this exact problem at 8 months too. You said it exactly even with the two lower teeth being in and not having a problem with those. Did your baby grow out of the phase yet? Sleep is terrible too :/ feel like I have a newborn again
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  • I also am going through this and my LO also gets a low grade fever for a day or two and then it disappears. So frustrating.
  • We just went through this and a top tooth emerged the other day.  No problems (besides a night of being cranky) with the bottom 2 but these top ones may be the death of me!  He wouldn't eat, stopped napping, runny nose, so whiny and clingy. Lasted about 3 weeks, then 3 days after the tooth cut things seemed to be getting back to normal, now, day 4 I can see th tooth bud for the matching top tooth and it's been a rough morning!   Good luck!  Hylands teething tablets are my life saver!
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