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Delivery at Japanese hospital instead?

Hi all,

I'm an American milspouse, stationed on a Japanese base. We do not have a hospital on our base and our clinic is just awful - no ob, poorly trained corpsman, etc. The nearest military hospital is over an hour away, sometimes more with traffic. I'm trying to decide if it would be best to go off base for this pregnancy (my second). There are a few options in my area, with English speaking staff, but not ideal. I would have to pay up front (then get reimbursed by tricare), the hospital stay is typically 5 days or longer, and there are some cultural differences I don't really agree with (inductions are common at these hospitals and they don't do in rooming with baby). Does anyone have experience for or against delivering at the military hospital that I'm not thinking of that could help me make my decision? Thanks in advance.

Re: Delivery at Japanese hospital instead?

  • I gave birth at the naval hospital in Guam and I absolutely loved it. The required stay is only 24 hours unless complications, they don't push for inductions unless medically nesessary, support vbac and do golden hour and they do all checks in room so baby is with you except for the hearing test. I wish I could have all my babies there, but I hate Guam. Hahah. With cultural differences and language barriers I would go to the military hospital Hun! 
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    If you're talking about Yokosuka or Yokota I have heard amazing things. I had my last at Yokota. They also have a program where you stay in Lodging ten days prior to your due date so you don't worry about the terrible traffic here. Ask your doc. I say keep with military hospitals here. They're great! 
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  • Thanks for the input, ladies. Since my original post I've not had any good luck finding an appropriate hospital out in town anyway. I just wish our hospital was closer, it has a great deal of potential to bed very
  • Sorry... don't know what happened to the rest of my response, it looks like it's half gone. 

    Anyway, the military hospital over an hour away has the potential to be very frustrating or dangerous - giving birth on the side of the road or staying at a hotel for weeks on end during the Christmas holidays. Just wish it was better.

    Bumping for others' insight...
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    What hospital are you assigned to?
  • Sorry you are having a hard time feeling comfortable with your options. I gave birth in a German hospital, because our base doesn't have a hospital only a basic clinic. I had a very good experience and I'd rather give birth here again than in the states.

    I based my decision off recommendations on the base Facebook page. Does your base have one of those, where you can speak to other women who have given birth there? That's where I would start, in order to get answers.
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  • I'm currently waiting for my husband to get orders to Japan so I've been looking into the military hospital in Yokosuka(which I assume is the one you refer to)  Are you aware of the "Stork" program there?  apparently there is living quarters at the hospital for mothers who had to travel to get there before delivery.  It's based on availability, but make sure you look it up on their website.
  • My friend gave birth in Japan but I don't know if it was a military hospital or whatnot. They're stationed at Misawa.

    I would recommend speaking with Tricare as to what they will cover.
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