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One empty sac?

Hi ladies...Got a bfp 2 week ago at my yearly.  Mt dr had me come back in today for a sonogram.  There were two sacs, one measuring 5w5d with a yolk and one *i think* measuring 4w6d, no yolk.  My dr seemed pretty confident that that sac will remain empty, but from the research I've been doing today it seems common to have one running behind.  Though I don't know ho behind is too behind.  Any one with similar experiences??? TIA
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Re: One empty sac?

  • LauraK33LauraK33
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    Not exactly the same...but at my 6 week scan there was one sac...empty. at 8 weeks there were two sacs, two babies, two heartbeats. One always measured behind and they think she implanted later! Good luck!
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  • MrsHTMrsHT
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    My girls were through IVF so we know exactly when they implanted...
    5 weeks - 1 sac
    6 weeks - 1 sac w/ yolk, 1 empty sac
    7 weeks - 2 heart beats but measuring almost 10 days apart, doctor told me to prepare to lose the one as he was confident that this was going to be a single pregnancy
    As the weeks went on both continued to grow and the 2nd baby came closer to 2-3 days apart.  We now have 13 month old twin girls who are still way different in size.  Good luck!!! and fingers crossed that your next appointment shows 2 heartbeats.
  • Thanks @MrsHT I'm so scared and confused I don't know what we should be praying for.  I had 2 boys 17 months apart and they were both c sections.  When the dr went in for DS2 he said my uterus was transparent and that we needed to wait for a third and I would definitely not be able to go vaginally and have to take it very easy so there were no complications  He stressed that i could not go into labor.  It's 21 months later and he cleared me to try.  We got pregnant on the first shot and no one expected twins.  I don't know if I can carry them.  Im petrified.  Im devestated to loose one or both and cant bear the though of reducing the pregnancy if he says it's too risky.  I'd be thrilled to have them both, so would dh.  But right now I feel like it is a loose loose.  I have to wait until June 14th for another appointment.  
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