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one empty sac

Hi ladies...Got a bfp 2 week ago at my yearly.  Mt dr had me come back in today for a sonogram.  There were two sacs, one measuring 5w5d with a yolk and one *i think* measuring 4w6d, no yolk.  My dr seemed pretty confident that that sac will remain empty, but from the research I've been doing today it seems common to have one running behind.  Though I don't know ho behind is too behind.  Any one with similar experiences???
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Re: one empty sac

  • cseley321cseley321 member
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    I'm not sure you posted this question on the right board. Maybe try one of the early pregnancy boards or something similar 
  • I posted it on multiple boards.  I am a stay at home mom and had two under two...I wasn't getting a lot of answers.  I posted it on every board I've even contributed to hoping that someone had a similar experience.  Thanks
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