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Low milk supply! Help!!

I've noticed over the past couple months my supply dipping.  
I am a breastfeeding mom who works full time, so I have to pump.  
LO has not been eating for as long when I'm home(I'm lucky if I get 10 minutes out of her), so i was wondering if that was a factor.  
I used to get about 8-9oz my first pump at work, and another 3oz or more each pump after that.  Now I get about 3-4oz my first pump, and only 2 at MOST the other 2 pumps at work. 
I've tried:
Lactation cookies with brewers yeast & flaxseed
MORE water (I already drink 8+glasses a day)
An extra pumping session before bed. 
Pumping on the opposite breast while LO eats. 
Flaxseed in my oatmeal (i now have 2 packets a day to try to help).
And NOTHING is helping. 
I really don't know what to do.  
LO is 10 months old, so I'm not even entirely sure my supply should be any more than it is.  As a FTM all I see is my supply tanking and I'm panicking.  I want to BF at least until she's 2 years old. 
Does anyone have any suggestions or advice?

Thank you!!

Re: Low milk supply! Help!!

  • I tried all the same stuff as you, it got to a point where supply was still dropping, I definitely think being away from the baby all day at work was ruining it for me. You could try domperidone as a last ditch attempt. I live in the US and ordered it from InHouse pharmacy, you click the button that says "will fax Rx" but I never faxed them anything and they still sent it. It was $70 for 500 tablets, you work your way up to 6-9 tabs/day. 

    The stuff worked for me, brought me back up to 4oz per session from 2oz, i think if I had committed to adding an extra pumping session it would have worked even better. And I only took it for about a month and a half. I just finally weaned at 9.5 months cause LO was super disinterested, distracted and also because I started to really, really hate pumping at work.

    FWIW I did a bunch of reading on the stuff and I think it's a much better bet than Reglan. Doesn't cross the blood/brain barrier or have side effects like extreme fatigue or depression.
  • @erinduuh I just got off the phone with my lactation consultant. I'm in the same boat as you except my LO is only 4 months old. She suggested:
    • I get a new pump since mine is several years old and is doing some weird stuff
    • Try my best to pump every 4 hours regardless of amount because we need the stimulation
    • Reglan

    @klirwin82 unless you're a physician it's probably not the best thing to prescribe medications to strangers on the internet. 

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  • Have you tried power pumping? Power pumping every night for a week or so usually gave me a boost.
  • How much is she drinking while you are away? I'm assuming she started on solids, so that might have caused your supply to drop too. Also does your supply continue to drop, or has it stabilized? 
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