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Itchy rash possibly puppp

Hi Ladies, 

I will be 26 weeks tomorrow..,

This week I have broken out in an incredibly itchy rash all over my legs and since it has spread to my lower abdomen and wrists. I went to see my regular doctor today and was told that it is a side effect to my pregnancy hormones. WTF. They told me to take two Benadryl each night, wash with cetaphil, Allegra during the day, and to apply calamine lotion generously. I have an appointment with my OBGYN on Monday and look forward to a second opinion because this itching is literally driving me insane. 

I was as wondering if any of you have experienced anything like this and if so has anything that I didn't already mention help? 

It's going to be a long hot summer. Is it September yet? ;) 

Re: Itchy rash possibly puppp

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    I had it around that time with my last pregnancy. It was only on my legs but it was driving me crazy! Kept me up at night and I would scratch until I bled. But mine wasn't diagnosed as puppp. I used Benedryl at night and calamine lotion all day and night. When it got bad and I wanted to itch I used a frozen wet towel or ice packs on my legs. It helped. My midwife said it was just the hormones and it eventually went away after two weeks. Hoping it clears up for you soon and you find some relief! 

    Edit to add- maybe try some coconut oil until you get to see your doctor? I've also heard from a girl in my prenatal class that has it that tee tree oil can work. 

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  • I had a rash earlier in pregnancy. It was on my thighs, hips and behind my knees. It was super itchy and was a raised and welted looking rash. Not fun. My OB said the same thing - take Benadryl and use Hydrocortisone cream. She wasn't concerned as it wasn't on my belly. It passed in a few weeks luckily, but it was rough. The Benadryl did help me sleep without itching through the night which was helpful! Hope yours clears up real soon!
  • Ugh, so sorry you're going through this! Hope you find some relief. I took Benadryl for itching during my last pregnancy for relief during the day, and ended up freaking out because baby didn't move after that. Turned out she's was asleep and just fine. Just a heads up!
  • My sister had PUPP with both of her pregnancies. It was miserable for her so I'm so, so sorry if that is truly what this is. She tried everything her OB recommend but nothing helped...except the ice packs as @seitzy3 mentioned. In both cases for her, the rash cleared almost immediately after delivery and in neither case was passed to the baby, which is something they said might be possible. Good luck!
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  • Thanks guys! I will be lathering myself with calamine lotion today and I will def try the ice packs. 
  • I have rashes on my arms and legs. This is not unusual for me, I tend to get rashy in the summer but this is pretty severe. It hadn't even occurred to me that it could be pupps. I have an appointment today, I'll ask the DR. 
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  • I didn't have PUPP, but I got a rash postpartum with my first. Bumpy and itchy on my feet/ankles/knees, arms/elbows, and stomach. OB said it was hormonal and to use cortisone. The cortisone controlled the itching, and it only lasted maybe four weeks.

  • I had an itchy rash all over my legs when I was pregnant with DS. Although I was never diagnosed with anything it drove me insane and I would scratch until I bled. Slathering my legs in calamine lotion and anti itch cream seemed to help me. Hoping I don't get it this time around. Sorry you're going through this mama!
  • Ugh. I think I have this. It started on Tuesday and has gotten progressively worse on my thighs. I have a derm appointment tomorrow am. Is it true that it doesn't go away til  delivery? 
  • Glad this thread was brought back up. I have to ask my doctor next week about a rash I have had in the past few days. I have stretch marks all over my belly and they're getting red (even the ones that had faded), bumpy and so itchy. The rash is spreading to my upper abdomen, legs and arms so I'm finding little itchy bumps everywhere. I've bled with how much I've been scratching and it keeps me up at night. 
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