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Survey: favorite baby brands

Hey all!

Im just curious as to what everyone's favorite baby brands!

Whats your favorite brand of...

Bath time products?

and any other product you can't live without! Thanks!

Re: Survey: favorite baby brands

  • Diapers: Pampers  Swaddlers and Pampers Cruisers, these are the only ones my kids haven't soaked through. 

    Wipes: Pampers or Huggies

    Bottles: Playtex Ventaire

    Pacifier: We've never used pacifiers

    Bathtome Products: Johnson and Johnson products usually

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  • Diapers: Huggies little snugglers

    Wipes: Huggies unscented. Don't like the feel of pampers. 

    Bottles: Playtex nurser with drop ins 

    bathtime: Johnson & Johnson shampoo/head to toes/lotions
    but aveeno lotion for her face :)
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  • Diapers: Luvs works best for us 

    Wipes: Huggies natural ,or the one and done. I also can't stand how pampers feel and they are way too watery for me.

    Bottles: Avery Grace will only take the Avent Classic Plus. Ansleigh my first would use both the classic plus and natural? She didn't care

    Pacifier: Avent soothers. The hospital got her hooked. But this weekend I noticed her suckling her thumb! 

    Bath time: Aveeno everything. Although every now and then I will use the Johnson and Johnson pink lotion. It smells so good. I use the purple one for myself.

  • eivaskaeivaska member
    Diapers and wipes the Kirkland (Costco) ones have been great

    Bottles: evenflo standard. Anything with a natural or breast replicating nipple she makes a huge mess

    Pacifiers: she likes the Tommy Tippee or Nuk orthodontic ones

    Bathtime: Johnson and Johnson but I like the Aveeno lotion a little better 

    Also, LOVE the Aden and Anais swaddle blankets I use them for everything 


  • Diapers: whatever is on sale. I think we use Huggies mostly. I don't like the Honest Company ones because they're the only ones she blows out of and they don't have the yellow/blue stripe. 

    Wipes: Water Wipes (every other kind make
    her go from slightly pink to open peeling skin in about 3 hours
  • Diapers: we have only used pampers so far 

    Wipes: pampers sensitive. I tried the babies r us brand because I got an 800 count for $10 on Black Friday and they were SO dry! 

    Bottles: we use Philips avent 

    Pacifiers: Mam, we tried others but he does best with these. 

    Bath time products: johnsons soap and bedtime bath! 
  • Diapers: Pampers

    Wipes: Pampers sensitive

    Bottles: Tommee Tippee or Munchkin Latch

    Pacifiers: Avent or Nuk

    Bath time products: Burts love their products so far
  • Diapers?
    pampers swaddlers

    pampers sensitive 

    tommee tippee


    Bath time products?
    Aveeno for both wash and lotion 

    homemade/clothe diapers

    I second using Aden Anais swaddles for everything from a blanket, covering from the sun, breastfeeding cover and sometimes a burp cloth
  • Diapers: Pampers,that's all we have cracked into from the baby shower. After this box we have some Huggies so I'll have more of a comparision.

    Wipes: Huggies Natural I believe is what we're using they are so thick and moist. 

    Pacifier: None

    Bath time: Basic J&J once I'm finished with this bottle I will try the Aveeno baby products.
  • VitaLunaVitaLuna member
    edited May 2016
    Diapers: Honest Co. I am working through s box of Earth's Best right now and she keeps having blow outs! Pampers Swaddlers sensitive for newborn size.

    Wipes: Honest Co. 

    Bottle: Dr Brown wide with a Lansinoh Momma nipple. 

    Paci: ha! I wish! 

    Bath: we use Dolphin Organics, and the smell isn't my favorite, but it works fine. EMAB lotion. We don't do any synthetic fragrances, so the typical baby brands (like J&J) are out. 

    Other: A&A blankets, Carter's clothing, and Gymboree thick socks.

    ETA: milk storage bags - Target/up&up



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  • Diapers? - pampers

    Wipes?- pampers sensitive

    Bottles? - tommee tippee

    Pacifiers? - first essentials

    Bath time products? - aveeno
  • ambdtbambdtb member
    Diapers- pampers swaddlers
    wipes- BJ brand 
    bottles- Medela
     pacifiers- n/a
    bath- J&J shampoo but we also have babyganics and Berts Bees to use 

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  • Diapers- Huggies or Honest Company 
    Wipes- Pampers sensitive
    Bottles- Medela
    Pacifiers- Avent soothie or her fist mostly :)
    Bathtime- Aveeno and J&J bedtime

    Coconut oil! It's great for breakouts, little scratches, general moisturizer.
    Thermal or muslin blankets.
    Gripe water.

  • Diapers-- pampers swaddlers
    wipes-- pampers sensitive 
    bottles-- Tommee tippee 
    pacifier-- mam if she takes one (not often)
    bathtime- johnsons bedtime bath is our routine for bed-- we also have some baby ganics lotion we use when needed 
  • =caenis==caenis= member
    edited May 2016
    Diapers- We switch around between 2 brands in the hopes it's easier on the baby's little buns. Both are supposed to be environmentally friendly: Mummi and Natty (the latter cracks me up, considering it's a fussy diaper brand name here, but the nickname of a certain totally not classy beer back home...).

    Wipes- Neutral or Natusan 

    Bottles- Dr Brown

    Pacifiers- We have several, but he hates them all

    Bathtime- Neutral baby shampoo and coconut oil for moisturization after

    I love the Gap for baby clothes!

    ETA: I love my Solly wrap (for wearing baby in the house/close to home) and the Baby Bjorn One carrier (for longer walks/hikes and for my husband). We also have and love the EasyWalker Mosey stroller, which is lightweight, really easy to steer, and narrower than most other strollers I see around. It works really well on multiple terrains and is great for life in the city, where you're always having to get your stroller onto the bus or tram or navigate stairs and small spaces. It does great on the sidewalk and dampens jolts from cobblestones and ruts, but also works well in the grass or on dirt paths at the park.
  • I haven't used all of the brands but here's my favorites of what I've tried:

    Diapers: Pampers Swaddlers & Pampers Baby Dry for nighttime

    Wipes: Huggies Natural

    Bottles: Dr Browns is all we've tried, works great

    Pacifiers: DD is not about that life

    Bathtime: Johnson&Johnson original & Aveeno lavender. Aveeno & coconut oil for moisturizers

    large cloth diapers/burp clothes have saved my life. I can't have enough

  • Diapers: Huggies Swaddlers
    Wipes: huggies natural
    Bottles: he wouldn't take a bottle for awhile so after trying several different kinds we finally found MAM, which we love! 
    Pacifiers: also mam and the green soothies (not sure the brand)
    Bath time products: JandJ and aveeno baby
  • Diapers? We've tried Huggies, Luvs, Pampers, and Up & Up (Target's brand). We hate Luvs, don't care for Huggies, so we use Pampers mostly. I decided to try the Up & Up on the advice of a friend and so far they really are very comparable to Pampers but a lot less expensive.

    Wipes? My fiance works for a medical supply company and had a case of Huggies wipes get damaged (the box was crushed) so we've used those since he was born. I'll probably continue to use them after we run out.

    Bottles? Phillips Avent Natural 

    Pacifiers? Mam

    Bath time products? Johnson's Baby Bedtime

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  • hnullhnull member
    Diapers: pampers! It's all we will use. Someone did get us a box of Kirkland size 1 and a box of Kirkland size 2 so we will use them up. I've heard Kirkland is good, but my sister in law said the size 3 gave her daughter a rash so she went back to pampers 

    wipes: pampers sensitive! The hospital had huggies- hated them, they seemed too rough!

    bottles: I EBF, daughter gets a bottle maybe once a week just so she's used to it. We have glass dr Browns. We also have Philips avent but she drinks so fast already the flow is too much. 

    pacifiers: Phillips smoothie. She only uses for naps and it's the only pacifier she had ever used. 

    bathtub products: honest co Orange can ill scent but the smell doesn't last so Johnson and Johnson head to toe. Then aveeno baby lotion. 
  • hnullhnull member
    Also, Obsessed with baby Gap and Old Navy for baby clothes. It's a problem i online shop every other week there because they are always having sales! Also since they are the same company you can online shop at both and check out once and  often receive the clothes from both stores in one package!

    for thin pj's my sister got me hooked on Walmart. $8 cater pj's, yes please!
  • Diapers: Honest co and pampers swaddlers
    Wipes: Pampers sensitive
    Bottles: Dr Browns classic
    Pacifiers: MAM
    Bath time products: Mustela and Aveeno

    My must-haves include Luna Lullaby nursing pillow, keekaroo peanut changer, aden + anais everything (swaddles, burpy bibs, snap bibs), skip*hop changing station, and skip hop drying rack

    For clothes i love Baby Gap and Rosie Pope mix and match 
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  •  Diapers: I really like pamper swaddlers. But I have used parents choice with all 4 of my kids and they do grear for them. 
     Wipes: Pampers or gentle ease 
    Bottles:  I'm EBF but my third baby only would take avent bottles after BF. My eldest two could care less. 
     Pacifiers:  I never gave any of my kids paci's.
     Bath time products? I love Aveeno products. Especially since I have ezcema this has been my go to even for myself. 
     Butt cream: I always go with AnD (clear cream). 
     Clothes: Target! I love that place. But I mostly buy from online boutiques, especially for my girls. For my eldest son H&M and old navy! I buy all my kids Moccs from an online boutique for great prices. I find these shops through Instagram. 
     Burp cloths: I have yet to use any, but I bought these cute bibdanas. 
    Must haves for my baby boy: Fisher-Price Cradle n' swing. He loves it and naps in it perfectly during the day. Boppy,he sleeps on it in his crib at night and it's great for tummy time. Graco click connect travel system stroller! I love how easily it folds up and pushing with one hand is a jiffy. 

  • Diapers: Pampers Swaddlers 
    Wipes: Pampers sensitive 
    Bottles: Phillips Avent Natural 
    Pacifiers: Wubbanub
    Bath time: Aveeno 

    Other: love Carter's clothing (fits DD well), Dr. Smith's butt cream, Graco Aire 4XT travel system and boppy lounger. 
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  • Diapers: pampers swaddlers
    wipes: pampers sensitive
    bottles: Philips avent natural
    pacifiers: she's taken one like 2 times but they're the Philips soothies
    Bath time: Johnson and Johnson. We LOVE the bedtime lavender scent. I "borrow" her lotion all the time :)
  • Diapers and wipes Kirkland brand all the way but I've bought more than one packs of target diapers and they did the trick.

    Bottles medley - I exclusively pump.  Don't ask

    Pacifiers - she loves her wub-a-nub with the stuffed animal one it.  She can grab it and it stays put if she spits it out.

    Bath: Burt's bees has been my favorite of all the ones we got at the shower.  We'll see how I feel when it's time to buy more. 

    I heart the baby k'tan wrap.  So easy to use and she has a great vantage point of the world.

    Lastly, priddy books.  They are awesome.  

  • Diapers- pampers swaddlers 
    Wipes- honest co
    Bottles- chicco natural fit and medela 
    Pacifiers- nuk
    Bath time products- cetaphil wash and aveeno lotion. 

    coconut oil when I pump and for belly massages when she has gas pains

    gripe water - I was skeptical to use at first but it helps calm her down when she has bad gas pains. 
  • I love honest company wipes! Also Burts Bees for bath time is my favorite.  Both brands are too expensive though. We end up buying Target wipes (the blue package that are free and clear or whatever).  I was gifted some Babyganics soap so we have been using that. It is okay but not as awesome as Burts Bees.  I also like the Earth Mama Angel Baby lavender lotion we have. 
  • Kimbarbour08Kimbarbour08 member
    edited May 2016
    Diapers: 7th Generation for during the day, Bambo Nature for overnight (also like Honest Company and Babyganics but can't buy locally, and won't spend the $ for HC)

    Wipes: Burt's Bees, followed by 7th Generation (also love Water Wipes but can't buy them locally here, and I like Babyganics and Honest Company)

    Bottles: Dr. Brown's! Only one LO is willing to take so far.

    Pacifiers: My finger lol LO only would take the one from the NICU and that one got lost when a friend was watching him.

    Bath time products: Aveeno

    For diaper cream and body lotion we like Burt's Bees too. Nursing pads, I love Avent and Lansinoh.

    I'm in love with the store Once Upon a Child! Gently used clothing and gear that's super inexpensive. Love my Onya Outback baby carrier (can't wait to use the backpack setting on hikes), travel Sleep Sheep, and Fisher Price Snugabug Swing.
  • VkrosaVkrosa member

    Diapers? During the day I'm not picky but at night she uses pampers baby dry
    Wipes? Sams club
    Bottles? Avent and Honest Co. 
    Pacifiers? Uses the green ones but the dog kept swiping them so she uses her thumb now 
    Bath time products? Johnson and Johnson purple bottle baby wash and Aveno lavender lotion. 
  • Diapers I use buggies and pampers right now
    Wipes- parents choice or store brand. 
    Bottles dr Browns 
    Pacifiers mam 
    Bath time products? I use johnsons and Johnson because it was given to me however baby magic smells so much better ! 
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  • Diapers: Pampers swaddlers
    Wipes: Whatever the generic Sam's Club brand is. We found them to be the best out of all of them with DS1
    Bottles: Evenflo
    Pacifiers: Avent--though he was hooked on the big Soothies but I've since converted him
    Bath time products: J&J soap/shampoo and J&J naturals lotion 
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  • Diapers: pampers swaddlers
    Wipes: pampers sensitive
    Bottles: mimijumi and mam (EBF)
    Paci: mam (not often)
    Bath/lotion: baby magic head to toe wash and lotion and lavender calming night time lotion.
    Blankets: Aiden and Aiden
    A&D Diaper rash prevention (never had a speck of redness)

  • Diapers: applecheeks, thirsties, bg
    wipes: cloth
    bottle: she has only had 2 bottles and took the munchkin bottles good
    pacifier: mam
    bath time: Aden and Anais shampoo, condition, body wash, lotion
    diaper cream: if we need it Aden and Anais all purpose cream, chocolate Butter 
    blanket: Aden and Anais or target Circo

    will be be using either badger, blue lizard, or episencial suntan lotion when she turns 6 months 
  • Diapers: Pampers Baby Dry
    Wipes: Up and Up (Target) Sensitive
    Bottles: Mam
    Pacifiers: Mam
    Bath time products: Johnson & Johnson

    Also, because my DD grows very fast, I really like WalMart clothing. It's good quality and I don't feel so bad when she out grows the clothes in a week!!!!!

  • Diapers: Pampers Baby Dry
    Wipes: Up and Up (Target) Sensitive
    Bottles: Mam
    Pacifiers: Mam
    Bath time products: Johnson & Johnson

    Also, because my DD grows very fast, I really like WalMart clothing. It's good quality and I don't feel so bad when she out grows the clothes in a week!!!!!

    Yes! Wal-Mart clothes are my fave! I went to old navy thinkin it would be cheap. $15 for some baby jeggings? No thanks. Got jeggings and a cute shirt for $6 total at Wally World.
  • You can go to The Children's Place or Carter's (if you have them in your area) and sometimes they have REALLY good sales, but any other time, I can't see paying $12+ for something she's only going to wear for a few weeks!!!!!
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