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Memorial Day Weekend plans?

What are you up to this weekend? Eating? Shopping? Traveling?

Re: Memorial Day Weekend plans?

  • shevaCCshevaCC member
    We have a cookout tomorrow afternoon, a lot of chores, and hopefully some fun family time this weekend. Can't decide if we'll go swim, go to a museum, or something different. Looking forward to not having all that many plans.
  • I'm on a 24 hour shift  tomorrow but DH is taking the kids and dogs out to our summer home and I'll meet him there Sunday. We are just swimming and bbq'ing this weekend. Due to the army, this is actually our first summer together. Trying to relax and enjoy it. 
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  • I work tomorrow and Monday. Sunday will be church and catch up day. Nothing exciting over here. 
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  • We are camping with my family to celebrate my 30th birthday tomorrow :smiley: 
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  • shevaCCshevaCC member
    iamapixie said:
    I work tomorrow and Monday. Sunday will be church and catch up day. Nothing exciting over here. 
    Boo for having to work! I'm sorry. I've worked the last two Sundays so I could attend DD's midweek doctors appointments and I'm already feeling burnt out. I hope you get an extra day off soon!
  • Visiting the in-laws. Mine are pretty awesome, so it's a good thing.
  • Road trip from Omaha to Chicago to see Beyonce on Saturday.
  • LadyHookLadyHook member
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    Happy birthday @bzzrbee28!
    Safe travels and enjoy the show @tabbypatty! Jealous!

    Normally we go to Cape Cod for Memotial Day weekend but this year we decided not to because we have other stuff planned on the mainland. For example H is playing baseball today and tomorrow (the one tomorrow is at Fenway Park though so that's pretty cool!).

    Also tomorrow at some point I want to make food for my friend who just had her second baby. My office is closed Monday but I probably have to go in and work that morning anyway unfortunately. But after that we'll probably grill at home in the afternoon.
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  • lrg14lrg14 member
    My bff from grad school is in town. She hasn't visited before so I'll be showing her around town.
  • Working today and tomorrow(retail sucks) but I have Monday off and it's our 1 year wedding anniversary so that's freaking awesome!
  • Off to a lake house near Ottowa. Fish, fire, canoes and swimming. All that's missing is the rosé :( 
  • Well... I was not planning on H painting our white dog with colored chalk after I told him not to.  Now he's giving the dog a bath trying to get the bright pink chalk stains off his face since we were going to do the Facebook announcement today/tomorrow with our dogs in the photo.

    All for playing with our friends' kids.  Just wish he made better choices sometimes. (Or rather, don't fight me about something when I'm right, then get frustrated when I'm right...)
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  • We ended up driving 6 hours to see SIL with DS's dad's whole family, yay... But seriously, at least DS had a good time.
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