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Not even showing and got my belly rubbed!!!

:s Anyone?

I'm 17 weeks and I'm not showing.... yesterday a co-worker who recently find out that I was preg, came down to my office and asked about how was everything going with the baby, then all of the sudden she was rubbing my belly .

And I was shocked, I could feel her hand in my belly fat, cause that's all she touched... then she left happy as hell and I was left there in my chair feeling completely weird, I was ready to call Law & Order SVU.

I have read that it's uncomfortable to feel stranger touching your pretty rounded belly, but, I don't even have one yet and it seems like people want so bad to feel mine.... Not even my mom has attempted to touch because there's nothing to touch...

Am I the only one who has been through this?

Re: Not even showing and got my belly rubbed!!!

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    Nope. Either stock up on "don't touch the bump" shirts or deal with it. Nice folks ask first. Most others don't.
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  • I HATE this!  My friend at work did it to me the other day.  Considering I'm only 15 weeks and the baby is actually much lower, she was definitely just rubbing fat.  Which I told her.
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  • I was touched by 1 stranger at the end of my 1st pregnancy and it wasn't weird at all. I think because it was unexpected and she didn't make a big show of it. It almost felt like a pat on the shoulder, if that makes sense. That said I was, and am this time around too, totally prepared to get nasty with strangers and unwelcome touching. It is kind of inevitable and you should probably think of some good come backs/responses before you're caught off guard again. Only a handful of friends and family have asked to touch and it's not weird. I do tell them they're rubbing my fat and not the baby, but some people can't contain their baby excitement.
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    Thanks for sharing your experiences.

    I am totally prepared for everyone attempting to touch my belly once it grows, but again... once it grows.

    Not now!! glad to know I am not the only one dealing with this...

    I am really looking forward to have my big rounded belly :)

  • Funny, yes it happens all the time or hearing unwanted birth horror stories.
  • I am probably one of the very few who really doesn't care if people rub my belly. (now...a COMPLETE stranger I have never met in my life? No...they will get slapped). But even just acquaintances, I totally don't mind. I even find myself saying "Wanna feel my belly?" all the time. haha. I think it's because I am just as fascinated with my belly that I want others to experience it. Now... I promise I don't go around rubbing other pregnant people's bellies. I would ask. lol.
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    Which is even worse, considering I'm a FTM and this whole new adventure is a bit scary for me. 
  • I found it I was KTFU around 4 weeks and the morning of a dentist appointment. 
    The dentist rubbed my belly. It was hella weird. 
  • This happened with some of our close friends. A few would ask, but two of our very close friends always greeted the baby from day one. It was weird for me at first especially because I have a lot of fat, but I got used to it. If it wasn't someone close or if it was a complete stranger I'd be very weirded out. 
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