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How many months?

Hi All,

I got pregnant at 31 on my third cycle of trying to conceive. I experienced a blighted ovum at 9 weeks. Now I am on cycle 5 of trying to conceive after this loss, and I am wondering why it's taking longer this time. I am going for bloodwork next week and an HSG the following week. I am so frustrated.

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    I'm so sorry. I'm feeling similar. My husband and I weren't trying and got pregnant. We had a natural miscarriage at 8 weeks. We've been trying for 6 months now with charting and timing BD. I'm hoping month 7 is the lucky month. I recently had a hormone panel done and will get the results soon. Hoping for the best for you too! 
  • I can hear the frustration in your voice, and I completely sympathize. I could get into some philosophizing and talk about hormone regulation (in fact I did and then deleted that thought before posting) - and I still can if that is what you want, but instead I'll simply say that I feel the same way. We got pregnant in our 2nd cycle after I was on BC long term - we're now nearly 6 months out (5-6 cycles) and I'm still not pregnant. 
    ---TW BFP and MC mentioned - scroll down past the Lilo and Stitch gif to avoid ---

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  • So sorry for your loss. I got pregnant at 29, also after long-term BC use, on the 7th cycle of TTC (which resulted in a MMC found at 12 weeks). I am also on cycle 5 of TTCAL and have resigned to the fact that it might take until the 7th cycle again (or, sadly and possibly, longer.) 

    There are so many factors that lead to successful conception, of which I won't bore you with unless you're curious... I'll just concur with @catiecatp that hormones have a big role to play, particularly after a loss. Glad to hear you're going in for testing, and I hope the results shed some light on things. Hugs to you.


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    I'm sorry you're feeling so frustrated, I completely understand! The first time I got pregnant, we weren't trying and that ended in a blighted ovum too. After I healed from that loss, we got pregnant on cycle #3 of trying, but it felt like forever and it certainly seems like it's not fair. I'm not sure how long it'll take for me after this past loss, but frustration is a normal feeling. I hope all your tests come back normal, sending many healing hugs your way. 
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  • I understand the frustration.  I feel like I've been here forever!  I'm on my 7th cycle (6th cycle TTCAL).  My EDD is next Monday and knowing I won't be PG again before then is heartbreaking and frustrating.  I'm sorry to see that you all are here, but take some comfort in knowing that there are others in a similar situation.  
    Hopefully we'll all be out of here soon!  
  • All of this is very frustrating for me too. I am such an action orientied person that it is hard for me when something I want so badly is out of my sphere of control. I got pregnant at 32 on our 6th timed cycle and suffered me loss at almost 10 weeks. We have now been trying for 3 cycles and are hoping this is the one! I will be turning 33 in a few weeks and the older I get the more nervous I become. 
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  • @teachergurl84 I'm sorry things aren't happening as quickly as you hoped. It is so frustrating! My experience (not to be Debbie downer for anyone), it took DH and I 15 cycles to get pregnant the first time, we then miscarried twins at 18.5 weeks and are now on cycle 10 (my last cycle was 50 days and right now I'm on CD40 of this cycle). So unfortunately sometimes it takes much longer than we'd want for our bodies to start cooperating. Hoping 5 is your magic number!
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    IUI #1 2/25/16

  • I was having no luck until I started using wondofo ovulation test strips. have you been poas lately? :) It's the best!
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