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anyone due in 2016?

Just seeing if there is anyone else in Maine due in 2016.

I'm due July 2016  I'm in Southern Maine
I also have a 4 1/2yr old DD

Re: anyone due in 2016?

  • I am! But I only have about 12 days until my due date!
  • Just had a baby a week and a half ago!
  • Congrats ChrissyD1203  hows it going? what did you have g/b?
    Knottie - you must be getting really excited to meet your little one. Do you know what you are having?
    What part of maine are you guys in?
  • I'm having a little boy. :) I'm in the Freeport / Brunswick area. You?
  • @MikeMarie thanks! I had a girl. I had really bad baby blues the first few weeks but am feeling better now. Nursing got so much better too. I'm outside of Portland. July will be a great time to have a baby because you will be able to go outside right away!
  • July is a good and bad time to have a baby. I had my daughter #1 in July that year it was a hot summer 104 the week she was born. You can't go swimming so that stinks. When I first had my daughter I had a little bit of the baby blues too. I felt like you can't leave the house and you are a feeding machine.
    But I wanted a summer baby cuz planning parties is so much easier in the summer LOL. It is neat that #2 should be born in July as well. I keep all my daughters baby stuff so I started going through it, it has boughten back some many memories. I can't wait to find out what #2 is. #1 was a surprise.
  • I was due on the 13th of January and had my little guy on the 5th!
  • I'm getting induced tonight, with my first. An unseasonably warm February baby who is unseasonably late!! 
  • I'm due on May 2 and I'm in southern Maine as well! 
  • Hi! I'm due in July as well and also live in southern Maine. 
  • Where in Southern Maine do you live if you don't mind sharing or PM me.
  • I live in southern Maine as it gets
  • My baby was born April 27th in central Maine if anyone else lives in the Waterville Augusta area private message me. LP 
  • I'm due July 24th! But I'm in Central Maine area :neutral: 
  • ih8golfih8golf
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    I'm due Oct 23 with twin boys live in midcoast but have to go to Portland every 2 weeks
  • @SonjaThurston - I am due August 25th and I am in the Central Maine area (Augusta/Waterville).
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