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Soft cervix? Any experience?

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So to make a long story short...

I felt a few gushes of fluid on Friday, so I called my doctor.  She told me I could go to the ER to get a test to make sure it wasn't amniotic.  It turned out not to be amniotic, but the ER doctor decided to do a lot of other things, including a pelvic exam and an u/s to check for cervical incompetence.  He said my u/s looked great, but I overheard him talking on the phone to the on-call OB, and he said my cervix is soft.  My PGAL brain is freaking out.  I'm calling my regular doctor on Tuesday, but does anyone have any experience with this?  Search option is just giving me posts about women about to go into labor.
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Re: Soft cervix? Any experience?

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    Length is more important than subjective texture at this point, so I'm glad they did the ultrasound. The length and shape on the ultrasound would mean a lot more about whether or not to be worried and since that was good, I think it's probably okay to breathe a bit and wait until you speak with your doctor and see what the report and emerg note say. I hope your doctor is able to calm your fears somewhat. I know how PGAL brain can be. 

    (Usual disclaimer: be sure to talk to your doctor about your concerns.)

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  • My cervix was soft with my second pregnancy. It still held though. The Dr started me on progesterone suppositories at 20 weeks. It did get smaller over time and I did end up on bedrest from 32 weeks to 35, when I had the baby. They did monitor it closely. I had ultrasounds monthly and then biweekly when I got to 30 weeks. They didn't see anything with my first, but I wondered if it was the same thing. I had him at 32 weeks. Take it easy and talk to your Doctor. Hopefully all is well and you get better answers from them. No stress!
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  • Thanks for the info ladies!  I called my doctor first thing this morning, but she hadn't seen any of the stuff from the hospital yet.  Hopefully she'll have more info for me soon.
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  • Why didn't you ask the ER dr for more info?!
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