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Can't agree on a name please help and vote

vkroupavkroupa member
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Me and my husband can't agree on a name I really want Samuel he likes the name but likes Dominic more and I don't like it at all so he wants to see what other people say can you please help us out link is in comments 


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  • I didn't click the link, but if there is a name one of you hates it shouldn't even be an option. It's both your baby, not just one of yours. This child has its whole life ahead of them, and you'll both be using his name a lot, so work harder at finding a name you both like.
    i also don't set my kids names in stone until I meet them. It's easier once you see what they look like, I do not understand why people stress so much about names before the baby is out.

  • Samuel.... but I'm also biased. My only nephew is Samuel
  • With DS, I hated all the names DH liked and vice versa. Only way we picked a name was by asking ourselves what name do we both not hate. We settled on Luke, lol. 

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  • samkinssamkins member

    Dominic reminds me of the fast and furious. 
  • Samuel. I love biblical names.
  • Samuel.  Can Samson be in the running?  
  • vcabbywvcabbyw member
    Yeah, no. What the previous lady said. If I strongly dislike a name, my husband doesn't push it. And vice versa, out of respect to one another. Both our kids, we decide together. Plenty of names out there to pick! 
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