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Anyone come up with any good distractions to keep yourself from sitting there saying "am i in labor yet.... am i in labor yet....?''

I'm in quite a deal of pain and had a second BP related hospital visit yesterday. The hospital bed killed my back so i feel worse than ever today, plus it seems like maybe the past 2 days my ribs have been stretching/relaxing or something which is causing pain when i breathe. On top of the fact that my discharge instructions were to sit on the couch in the AC and hydrate as much as possible.....

Finding myself pretty unable to think of anything else, which im sure is pretty normal at this point, but im curious of anyone else on bed rest or limited activity or just anyone who isn't terribly busy found successful to keep your mind off labor? Im sort of of the belief that a watched pot never boils and i just want to find something to distract myself!! 

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  • I had almost a full day of contractions and now I'm home still with contractions. I can't imagine being told to just sit  :/ I'm occupying myself with cleaning and we're going to a fair tonight. Im trying to spend time with my feet up too so I made a list of things to watch on Netflix and stocked up on redbox movies. I'll be 39 weeks on Tuesday so I'm trying to enjoy the downtime while I have it. Good luck!
  • I have been in bed rest/light activity since 33 weeks, currently 37+4. I've been doing a lot of cleaning, Netflix, and watched the 5 seasons of game of thrones lol a lot of my friends have been coming over too which makes it easier. Now that I'm getting closer to I have been researching, planning and getting ready for frozen meal prep. Hang in there momma!
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  • xaudreyx2011 There was even a chance they were going to induce me yesterday but decided it wasnt really necessary. Ive had days with bad cramping that i was positive was it, but it wasnt. On top of just a lot of back and hip pain. So sitting still IS kind of frustrating at this point. We are having somewhat of a heatwave all the sudden and they think thats my issue so they really dont want me getting dehydrated again or setting off my BP again since ive been admitted twice for it. Thanks! Good luck to you too!
  • ashkee05 I have been on on a low activity since my first hospital visit at 35 weeks. But im finding now is even more frustrating all the sudden. My hospital visit yesterday was definitely mentally rough. My midwife told me 2 hours just to monitor, i was there for 7 hours. I asked to be taken off the fetal monitor, but they old me her heart beat had gone up and down, however, i was sitting there watching it myself and it never did more than a few points and the monitor was forcing me to staying the bed causing me a lot of back pain cause i could not even roll to a side. On top of all that we walked into L&D and within the first 2 min we clearly heard the woman next door give birth. It was rough to turn down an induction at that point but i know its not what my normal self wants even if my stressed, pained, done, swollen self doesnt think it sounds too bad. I know i would regret it having been given the option.

    Meal prep is a fantastic idea! We thought our new bigger fridge/freezer was getting delivered today, but apparently its next sunday or after. So freezer meals are kind of out for right until we know when thats coming cause our current one is packed >.< Maybe atleast i can do a bit of pinteresting for ideas!
  • My hubby bought us sims for the Xbox since I can't be too active.  So I've been living through them and became a rockstar and avid gardener. Lol 
  • adiaz132003 Oh man, i used to play the sims. This is actually such a good idea! I wish i had thought of it a few weeks ago!! At this point i could have her tomorrow and then ill never touch it again but i wish i had some kind of game thing i could get into.

  • @TheHauntedHauswife  my first visit at 33 was followed by 9 days in the hospital! I wanted so badly to just have my dude then but I knew it wasn't the way to go and didn't want to have to keep him there. So I definitely feel the mentally rough. I have been doing everything I can go keep my mind off things because my group of Drs keep telling me every week "wow we are shocked you are still pregnant" who wants to hear that?! Lol that sucks about your freezer/fridge!! And I am so pumped you guys just said sims!! Haha I have and will probably bust that out this week after my husband and son are back at work/school. The long holiday weekend was nice having them home with me for two extra days!
  • ashkee05 I felt the same during my 35 week hospital visit, i spent the next 2 days just trying to get labor started which obviously did nothing since this 39 weeker is stilllllll cooking away.

    Definitely psyched my husband gets an extra day tomorrow. I definitely need it after how things have been!
  • crdocrdo
    500 Love Its 1000 Comments First Anniversary Name Dropper
    TV series
    Book list
    Back up computer files, photos
    Crochet baby things
    Call friends to catch up

    Lots of choices!
  • MynaBird  Yeahhhhh online shopping has been a bit rough!! My kid has a full wardrobe until 18+ months already and shes not even here! Its so hard to stop, especially since it IS distracting.

    @Crdo I had been sewing things as a distraction and of course i actually broke my sewing machine that ive had for 10 years like literally last week. My last 2 projects had to get halted cause theres no way to finish them!!

    Reading doesnt distract me enough it is often hard to keep my attention on a book. Im lucky if i can get through a whole chapter in a sitting. Maybe i need to try netflix again and see if theres any new series that interest me. 

    Totally did work on computer clean ups and file back ups! lol
  • I'm going to clean my blinds and Windows today. Really not looking forward to it but it should be distracting. 
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