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Toddler Formula

So since my son has turned 9 months recently I have been wondering about the Enfamil Toddler Transitions Formula Stage 2.  He is currently on regular gentlease but it's ridiculously expensive... Anyways, anyone have any experience with the Enfamil Toddler formula specifically the one starting from 9 months to 1 year?  Yeah, ok I know there is some info about it on the internet, but I wanted to know if any moms here who give their babies formula have started to use this or are thinking about trying this.  Also, is this something that replaces their regular formula?  I've looked at the ingredients and they are pretty much identical except the Toddler Transitions Formula has more of a certain type of vitamin/mineral (can't remember which one specifically). 
BTW I am STILL waiting to hear word back from my pediatrician in case anyone asks :).

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  • Interested in answers to follow!
    LO's 9 month check up is tomorrow, so I'll be bringing it up if the pedi doesn't. From what I saw on the label, it just appears to have higher amounts of certain nutrients.

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    So I never did hear back from the pediatrician (I did also forget to follow up).  I ended up taking the dive and buying it.  At first I gave it to him in twice in the evening to see if anything wrong would happen, like stomach upset or something along those lines.  I slowly introduced him to the toddler formula over the course of 3 or 4 days and he is doing fine now.  No constipation, no adverse reaction and still gaining weight.  So far so good!
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  • Oops sorry forgot to update!

    My pediatrician kinda gave me a funny look when I asked about it. He said LO was clearly healthy and there was no need to "throw out what you have"

    I think he misunderstood me, but I haven't made the switch yet. Last time I went to the store they only had Stage 1 and Stage 3 anyway. 

    Me: 25 | DH: 25  
    DD: Aug. 15
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  • There really isn't much of a difference in a "toddler formula". Since our LOs are eating solids now too, they are getting plenty of the protein and nutrients needed to sustain an active toddler, so basically toddler formula is just buying a label. 
    I for one, believe 'don't change what works', and considering our LO's really won't be on formula all that much longer, and as long as tey are still gaining, is it worth the switch and possible tummy trouble? Just my thoughts.
  • Yeah I agree with @AllyTheKid, I think it's more for marketing purposes for those brands that make the formula. They also make "formula" for 2+ years old which we know isn't needed. I personally will stick with what we are doing now for another 3 months and say goodbye to formula altogether at 12 months! 
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    Hello all.  Here is an update.  I switched him to the 9 month formula and for a while he did good until he got really bad constipation.  So I went back to his regular formula.  My pediatrician advised that starting at 11 months to slowly start weaning him to milk so the way I see it is that I have really one more month of this stuff and hopefully he takes to milk very well.  So...yeah there was that unfortunately.  He is doing better on his formula.  I know some are saying I shouldn't have switched him in the first place but parenthood sometimes is finding out whats right and whats wrong.  Switching him wasn't the best move :\.  But it's a learning experience for the next one in a few years. 
  • Exactly! I'm definitely fumbling through this parenthood gig :)
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