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Vbac no2

I had a Vbac with my son almost 3 years ago.
I want to try for another this time round too. Has anyone been successful in having a 2nd Vbac?

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    No advice because I'm in the same situation. I gave birth to my son via VBAC in 2014. Hoping for another successful one in September. I to would love to hear others experiences. Wishing you the best of luck.


  • It's scary as I've heard some scary stories but don't really want to believe everything I hear. I'm due in June so was wanting to get as much info as possible from people who had been through it. Good luck to you love and thank you x
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  • I'll let you all know if mine is successful! I had a VBAC with my daughter in September '13 and I'm due February 5th, hoping to go the natural route again :)
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  • I'm not on this board very often, but I have had 2 successful VBACs.  One in 2012 and one last January.  The 2nd VBAC was awesome.  Labor was a lot shorter than my first VBAC and pushing took maybe 10 minutes.  It was so amazing after the long experience with both my 1st who was my c-section and a longer labor/pushing stage with my 2nd baby who was my first VBAC.  I needed forceps with her and had a 2nd degree tear.  Baby number 3 didn't need any help out and had a couple of 1st degree tears.  I felt amazing after having her.  Both of my VBAC babies had the same stats too.  Both were 9lbs and 21 inches long.  Good luck to you!
    BFP #1 7/1/2009 ~ EDD 3/9/2010 ~ Ella Adeline (7lbs 4 oz, 19.5 inches) 3/5/2010 csection (39w3d)
    BFP #2 7/13/2011 ~ EDD 3/16/2012 ~Aubree Olivia (9lbs 1oz, 21 inches) 3/15/2012 VBAC (39w6d)
    BFP #3 5/15/2014 ~ EDD 1/16/2015~Addison Isabelle (9lbs, 0oz, 21 inches) 1/25/2015 2VBAC (41w2d)
    BFP #4 7/20/2016 ~ EDD 3/25/2017 ~ Malachi Mathew (10lbs 0oz, 22 inches) 4/4/2017 emergency csection (41w3d)

  • i'm like a minute pregnant, but will be hoping to have a second VBAC too.  everything went pretty smooth last time, but i'm a bit older now, not sure how these next 9 months will go.
  • No personal experience but I'm part of a FB VBAC board and lots of mamas have very successful 2nd VBACs and say it's honestly a lot easier. 

    Good luck! 

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  • My first VBAC in 2014 was very difficult (shoulder dystocia, placenta did not come out, I needed stitches for the tearing and I needed a blood transfusion). It was pretty traumatic for my husband and he really wanted me to have another c-section for my third pregnancy. I was scared, but wanted to try for another VBAC. My new doctor was very supportive of me trying for another VBAC.

    After my water broke at home and my contractions intensified, we arrived at the hospital on May 14th at 5:15am. I quickly progressed to 7cm, got my epidural and less than thirty minutes later, my daughter was born at 7:17am. No complications at all and no tearing! I was stunned. I had this shocked look on my face as I held our daughter. My husband and I couldn't believe things went so perfectly. This was my last pregnancy and my husband and I both agreed it was an amazing experience.
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