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Can you believe it?!

Good morning ladies... For some reason I woke up in a sentimental mood. Can you believe just a few months ago we were talking about morning sickness, food aversions, swollen feet and a hey backs? And now we are talking about giggles, grins and kisses? Being a FTM has turned me into a mushy mess! I love Zoey so much! 
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Re: Can you believe it?!

  • I know exactly what you mean! We're moving and I was just cleaning out the bathroom. I found a few pieces of test wrappers (and some preggie drops) and it reminded me of how much had changed. I so incredibly grateful for Ellie and that I get to be her mom. It really does make all the anxiety and worrying about things going wrong worth it!
  • I hear ya ladies. It's wild how different things are already. From one year to another. Even one month to another. Loving every minute. Sometimes I have to remember I love it after stressing over a crying baby, but I love it in the end. Haha. 
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  • smn14smn14 member
    I was just saying to DH that I can't remember what my pregnant belly looked or felt like! I love my LO more and more each day and often have sentimental moments that OP mentioned! 
  • I know! Exactly one year ago this past Monday I got my BFP! It's been making me sooooo sentimental and mushy! LO was smaller than a poppyseed a year ago today (we found out really early on
  • I feel like this all the time! I can't believe just a year ago she was just starting to grow and develop and now she's here and she laughs and coos and learns things! Right now DD is napping on me and I keep thinking how incredible it is that this whole little person grew inside me for 41 weeks. Sometimes I just cry tears of joy staring at her because I'm amazed my husband and I made something so beautiful 
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