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Getting away from pacifier

i want to start getting him away from using the pacifier. He only uses it in the car and for sleeping. Any thoughts on how to wean him or do we just go cold turkey (aahhhhh that's so scary to me!!!)

Re: Getting away from pacifier

  • I was terrified of this very thing with my first kid. It ended up being so much easier than I thought it would be. DS was close to 2, maybe 18 months or so, and only used it for sleep. One night I started putting him to bed as usual but waited for him to ask for the paci instead of just handing it to him and when he asked, I said it broke and went bye-bye. He seemed upset but wasn't freaking out. The next day, same thing. Paci broke and went bye-bye. I threw every single one of them away so he couldn't find them. After a little bit of whining, he stopped asking.


  • We only have the paci in the crib (or if I need her to sleep in the car on a trip). Every morning when I go get her, I have her toss the paci into the crib before we walk away from it to do the diaper change. She voluntarily tosses it in there now so i'm planning on doing what @Bigboobsmcgee said and just not hand it to her like I normally do...when I get to that point. Right now, I feel like it's no big because it's only at night and even if she drops it, she can sleep fine without it. Pretty much has it when she goes down and then finds it in the morning when she's hanging out...but not during the middle of the night.

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  • We will do cold turkey if we have to but I'm really not in a rush. She only uses it for naps and bed time. We keep it out of sight all other times. She is 17m now but I'm not really sure when we will take it away or if we will just let her phase it out herself. 

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  • My son is 6 now I took the pacifier away when he was 2 the only time he got it was when he went to bed. it was pretty easy just told him we had to give it to new babies. he said okay.
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  • I'm struggling with this myself. My daughter will be 2 next week and is attached to her paci. She thinks she has to have it with her at all times.  I have tried putting them up. She will just sob and sob for it. I have tried cutting the end off some of them. Once again sobbing till I relent and give her one. I have been telling her for several weeks that we are going to give them to the babies trying to prepare her but she just says no, no way. Wish me luck as I hope to take them away cold turkey this weekend.
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