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Group 1st Birthday Party- advice requested

Some friends and I all ended up having babies within 4 months of eachother- 7 of them (one had twins)! It's been a huge blessing, but we are now nearing 1st birthdays and all agreed we didn't want to go to/help plan 6 first birthdays within 4 months (let alone all our other friends attend that many). So, we are having one group party for all 7 babies, in the middle of their respective birth dates. My daughter will be 10 months, the oldest will be 14 months. 

Here's my question: What do we do about gifts? We are sending out invites to people who either:
A. Know all the babies
B. Know some of the babies
C. Only know one baby

We don't know what we should expect, but bringing 7 gifts to a party sounds ridiculous no matter how many of the kids you know! Any thoughts on how to word this in an invitation?

Currently, we are considering just putting nothing about gifts on the invite. 

Re: Group 1st Birthday Party- advice requested

  • I have never been to a 1yr old's Birthday Party where anyone but family (grandparents, aunts, uncles) brought presents.  So I would just not put anything on it.

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  • If it were me I would only invite those that know all of the babies. I would add not to bring gifts. Something like, "please no gifts! Your presence is what makes this day so special!"  Only because if it were me, I would absolutely not attend this party.  Especially if I did  not know some of the babies, if gifts were expected. 

     I believe it is rude to attend a party not bring a gift.  I have never known anyone to do that... 

    I would also have a separate party for family. 

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  • I wouldn't mention anything about gifts. Also I would have a separate party for family.
  • I would only invite people who know all 7 and have separate party for family.  I would say no gifts, attendance is more important. Not to mention Buying 7 gifts at once is a lot 
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    Oh Wow! Well, IMO, seven babies are quite a lot of babies to celebrate at one time unless, as PPs have suggested, the party is a no-gifts party and just a celebration. 
    I also agree throwing your LO a separate party for you family and close friends, as was suggested above who may not know any of the other babies and possibly feel awkward attending a party for so many babies.
    Andplusalso, and this is just my opinion, your LO only turns a year old once, a separate party would be nice to make the occasion special and unique just for him/her :)

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  • I don't think you should refer to it as a birthday party, which would solve the gift thing.  If you call something a birthday party and tell people not to bring gifts, it will make it awkward for a lot of people.  I always think of 1st birthday parties as small, intimate family affairs.  It is not like the baby knows what's going's more for the immediate people who care about him or her (mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, etc.).  So if this was more of a party for the group of friends associated with the babies and their friends and families, just make it more of a regular party/celebration.


  • Why don't you just have a gathering with people who know all of the babies?  Maybe just call it a summer bbq or something, so people won't have to bring gifts?  And then have your own party with family and friends, when your daughter is actually 1, not 10 months.  I would feel awkward going to a birthday party in which I only knew one baby, and not many other people attending.  Also, it sounds like this could get out of hand with the guest list, etc.  
  • Thanks, everyone! Such good advice. We are going to tell people it's just a celebration, and not to bring gifts. The only thing is, this is the only party some of the babies will get because family lives out of town and only will be able to come to one (and they want to come to this one). We know family will bring gifts or send on their real birthdays, no matter what we say, but this will at least let our mutual friends off the hook! 
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