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Ear infection or teething??

My nephew had a 101 fever last night broke it with Tylenol now it's back up to 100.6. He started pulling on his ears nw but no drainage. Could it be teething or an ear infection? 

Re: Ear infection or teething??

  • Could def be an ear infection. I don't think actually seeing drainage is that common. Pulling on ears and fever are the tell tale signs.

  • eswany1eswany1 member
    Will the Tylenol help with the pain of it is an ear infection? 
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  • rjanicerjanice member
    Tylenol would help with the discomfort but he's probably gonna need antibiotics on top of that
  • I just had my LO into dr for ear infection.  He was not pulling on ear.  He ran a fever low grade mostly so I thought teething but then fever jumped to 102 and I knew that was too high for teething.  Took him to dr and sure enough he had ear infection probably from the cold he had.  He is on antibiotics now and feeling much better.  No longer fussy nor running fever. 
  • It's probably teething. Don't need to bring baby to Doctor unless over 102 but u could call and ask first. I read a couple articles that a low fever and eat pulling is common with teething. My daughter has been pulling ears for a couple weeks and getting first teeth. She only does it when she's tired and no other symptoms. I read that the number 1 doctor visit at this age is eat pulling but most of time is nothing. Obviously watch the symptoms and talk to nurse of questions though. 
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