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Slimy discharge!!!

(Disclaimer: grafic & probably tmi :o )
So on yesterday morning I woke up and went to the bathroom as usual. I wiped & it was slimy. I looked down and there was a long snot like hanging out of my vag... I wiped again and it was still there. Wiped a little harder and it came out. It was long and thick slimy like snot or egg yoke. It was clear no color or odor, no blood. After Google I panicked and went straight to my doctor thinking part of my mucus plug had come out. She checks me and baby. I was not dialated, baby heart beat was good. She said it was probably just discharge. I've never seen nor heard of slimy hanging discharge. She said the mucus plug have not yet fully formed at 20 weeks so its highly unlikely that it was part of the plug. This is baby #3 for me. 20 weeks, due October 9th. This have never happened before. Just wondering if any of you ladies have experience this, or know what it could have been?
(Side note: no sex in the past week, so it wasn't any special sause coming back out  :D)

Re: Slimy discharge!!!

  • There's lots of discharge talk on the TMI Tuesday threads and the Symptoms threads. If your doctor says you're okay, you probably are. 
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    Check out the symptoms thread. I've seen several posts about discharge on there. I wouldn't be worried about it if your doctor's not. 

    Also, "special sause..."

    Edited because my original gif grossed me out lol. 
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    I feel like this belongs in Tuesday's TMI thread...

    It's my understanding you can lose parts of your mucus plug and it just reforms. No big deal. As long as there's no blood or leakage of clear, amniotic fluid, I wouldn't be concerned. 

    That said, listen to your doctor.


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  • sauce*LoL
    No doc not worried, but they can be so nonchalant about things some times, but ok I'll check out the symptoms thread. Just started really getting on here jumped in on the wrong thread.. got to get in where I fit in.
  • @syrk0611 - No worries! If you haven't yet, take a moment and read through the "PSA: October 2016 Moms. PLEASE Read This First" thread pinned up top... lots of valuable info in that one. Welcome!
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  • I swear sometimes these are fake
  • Uhh...I don't think sauce spelled correctly makes it any less cringe/vomit-worthy.
  • I just have to say scrolling past this title has been making me gag all day.
  • ugh can we let it die 
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