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Crazy, Wacky Dreams!

I didn't see a thread for sharing bizarre-o dreams, and at this point I need to start documenting them! Anyone else getting crazy in their sleep?

I've had some graphic ones, but last night just left me shaking my head:

I was in labor and went to the hospital. The nurse put something in my IV that knocked me out and when I woke up, I was in bed next to Hubs and he was trying to feed the baby a bottle. (wouldn't that be nice to just wake up, and poof! Baby is here.) Hubs is failing so I say, "Here, let me." Baby latches no problem like the miracle I assume that will be. The nurse appears and says, "Ok, it's time to treat you for post-partum bleeding. Come with me." She takes me to a room where she attempts to shove a baby squid at me. I, of course, was like, "Hell no!" She said, "Well, there are also these...." as she held up a tub of leeches. YUCK. I was about ready to bolt when she said, "We have one more option, I think you'll like it." She then proceeded to rub peanut butter all over me. 


I then left and took my two day old baby to meet my family and kept saying, "This is Amelia." To which everyone, including my husband said, "That's a terrible name. You should change it."

Then I woke up and was sad, but glad I don't have leeches or squid in my future.

Re: Crazy, Wacky Dreams!

  • For the past few months, I've had nothing but crazy Armaggedon-like or sharknado-like dreams of a younger self with my parents trying to survive. Feels like we are in a game of Jumanji. What's bizarre is that we seem younger in the dreams and hubby is not part of it. 
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    @caroline351, yikes!

    I don't dream often due to kid-induced sleep deprivation, but I had one strange dream involving my high school boyfriend and some convoluted love triangle that I couldn't follow once awake.
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  • I don't usually remember much of my dreams but I had a wicked one about a month ago that my sister and my cousin were hanging up on me being really mean and I was complaining to my mom but she was basically brushing me off. Then DH told me I was overreacting and I got pissed and shoved my wedding ring in his hand telling him if he was going side with them he shouldn't have married me(for the record DH would never have said that to me and we actually have a really strong relationship) but then after I stormed off mad I found out that my nephew had been attacked and eaten by these psychotic bunny rabbits that looked freaking adorable until you got close enough and they would attack. I tried to be the bigger person and be supportive and kind to my sister but she still treated me like crap. Then I woke up crying.

    TL:DR- my sister was mean my mom did nothing about it I got mad at DH for not supporting me then my nephew was eaten by deceptively cute rabbits.
  • My dreams aren't particularly weird but they are vivid. Last night I had a super-detailed dream where I gave birth to a baby boy. Totally med-free delivery that went superfast and barely hurt at all. Ha, if only!

    Before my alarm went off I was dreaming that I was cuddling with this really hot guy I used to hook up with after college (way before I met my H), and hoping he wouldn't try to go further because I am married now. Haha!
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  • @tigerfish227 the bunnies! :smiley: 

    I love the exs, those are fun ones. I had one where I was like "ok, let's do this before my husband finds out!" I would never, but it's funny to see my sleeping self have fun.
  • I already had wacky vivid dreams and nightmares before I got pregnant, and now they're much worse. I didn't sleep at all last night after having a nightmare including the Annabelle doll from the horror movies. I'm praying I don't go through that again tonight. I also dreamt I was having a boy last night but found out today I'm having a girl...which is what I wanted lol....
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