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I'm 19 wks pregnant and I just went to the doctor for my anatomy scan. I found out that I'm having a girl which is what I wanted because I already have my boy. He was delivered via c-section which is the main reason my placenta is low. I'm schedule to see the doctor in 4wks which he will check to see if my placenta moves up. If it doesn't move up, I'll have to have another c-section. I had lots of complications the last time with my son and really don't want to go through that again. Does anyone have or no know someone who had this problem? Please leave a comment if possible 

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  • My mom had a low lying placenta when she was pregnant with me.  It started as a partial placenta previa and moved up just enough to allow a normal vagina birth.  She was on pelvic rest for the whole pregnancy and it was considered high risk the whole time but there weren't any real complications from the low lying placenta once it moved.  

  • My a/s at 18 weeks showed a low placenta, 3cm from my cervix. My dr said that for him to deliver vaginally it would have to be at 5cm away. I went in for another ultrasound at 24 weeks, then again at 30 weeks and by that time, it had moved up completely out of the way. You still have plenty of time for it to move up as your uterus grows. It's hard, but try not to worry!
  • At 20 weeks my placenta was low and by 26 weeks it had moved up. Unless it was complete placenta previa (where it is completely covering your cervix) then the chances of it moving are high. 
  • I also have partial placenta previa, but my specialist says that he's not worried and that in 98%  of his cases it moves up so I'm not concerned. 
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  • At the anatomy scan, my placenta was low lying as well. There is still plenty of time for it to move up. Mine did, and I was able to deliver vaginally, no problem. Hopefully the same will be true for you. Good luck!

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  • Hi! I had partial previa with my third pregnancy, I had u/s every 4 weeks after to measure the distance and it continued to move. A previous post said something about 5cm, but my dr said it needed to be 2cm away, I was barely under the 2cm mark at 38 weeks, she said she was confident I'd labor fine. But we just needed to know that if there was any bit of bleeding during labor there wouldn't be any waiting or playing around, it'd be an immediate c-section. I didn't have c-sections prior, so maybe there's a difference there in your scenario? If after your next scan the dr says it's anothe c-section I'd just suggest just asking questions to make sure you understand exactly why and if there's maybe an option to just keep an eye on it and see if it shifts. Best of luck! 
  • I had previa with my daughter that resolved by 30 weeks. Also, having a csection previously doesn't cause low lying placenta 
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