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First Birthday!!!


Re: First Birthday!!!

  • No party here either. His b day is on 5/31 so dad is taking it off and the day after. Through in the holiday and we will have a splendid time going to parks and what not. 
  • @HoosOnFirst I catch on most of the time but sometimes it's hard to tell! I know my LO doesn't care what we do. As long as people are around she's happy.
    @mellymar I love a good waterpark!
    Hope everyone enjoys whatever it is they do! 
  • I would totally do a petting zoo! My parents would have a heart attack though since we're having the party at their house. They have a pool. It's going to be low key. Family and some friends. I've ordered some stuff on etsy that has come in and it's adorable for our Mickey Mouse club house theme. 
  • Going for a mermaid theme for Grace's first birthday
  • alcrimmins -- Sounds fun!!!
  • We are doing a "cow" theme...ha!  LO likes cows (hello Midwest), but I found a cute cupcake cow on fb that I am having my sister make. I also thought it'd be fun to grill burgers  and give out cow pies (chocolate no bake cookies) as favors with a note on them announcing "our herd is expanding by one head, January 2017!"  Probably just going to hang black cow "spots" on the back of our white house, too.  I just like an excuse to get together with friends and family.  :)
  • That sounds like fun @lindsladle15 I love the cow pie idea, especially incorporating it into the baby announcement!
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